Is Scottsdale a top entertainment destination and a good real estate opportunity?

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When people think of the big hitters in The Grand Canyon state of Arizona, they immediately think of capital Phoenix and TV favorite Tucson. But Scottsdale is actually one of the most improving cities in the state – a fact which is consistently backed up by the numbers. Scottsdale is often referred to as somewhere marked by its contrast. The city thrives on its homage to the Wild West, but The West’s Most Western Town happens to also allow digital start-ups to flourish. But, going beyond the numbers, what can a prospective buyer expect from living in Scottsdale?

Let Scottsdale Entertain You

Perfect Place to Visit 

One of the main pulls of Scottsdale is the entertainment factor that the city possesses. This can be seen through the rise in tourists, with both overnight visitors and day-trippers consistently increasing since 2016. Scottsdale boasts the largest concentration of AAA ‘four diamond’ hotels, as well as a smattering of ‘five diamonds’ and a wide range of luxurious-feeling ‘three diamond’ accommodation. The city has an armada of golf courses – the TPC Scottsdale Champions Course and Grayhawk Golf Club – for those who like active entertainment. When visitors arrive in Scottsdale, they are greeted with plenty to do – which also makes it an enviable location to live. There is always something to keep you entertained in Scottsdale.

The Vegas of Arizona

The city plays host to plenty of casino resorts – including The Scottsdale Resort at the McCormick Ranch and We-Ko-Pa Resort and Conference Centre – to play off its relative proximity to Las Vegas. There are at least four major casino resorts local to the area, each with an enticing jackpot offer and range of games, from slot machines to poker and roulette tables. As the jackpot games on show, offering popular casino games with both static and progressive jackpots can help entice players. This is important to show that Scottsdale is a well-rounded entertainment hub. As such, the tourism to Scottsdale continues to rise, which helps the local economy and is good for those who live there.  

Talking Stick Resort

The Nightlife Makes Scottsdale

Scottsdale has a thriving live music scene and has historically benefitted from many different genres to create a melting pot of musical inspiration. This can be seen through its opportunities to see live musicians. There is the Centre Stage Bar, which focuses on soulful live music and folk sets. The Talking Stick Resort attracts well-known headliners for its 650-seat showroom and 1,600-seat ballroom. Retro restaurant Zuzu can be found in the Hotel Valley Ho, with its music and food locally sourced to give a flavor of Arizona. Coupled with the live music venues are a selection of bars and nightclubs that span the entire range of nightlife options – from low-key drinks to Ibiza-inspired raves.  

Hot Property in Arizona’s Most Western Town

Scottsdale not only checks all the boxes when searching for entertainment, but for property too. The average income for a Scottsdale resident is roughly $51,000 annually, compared to the median for the country of around $28,000, and the median household income soars to around $72,000 ahead of the national, which sits at just over $53,000. Recent job growth in Scottsdale is 3.3%, compared to the national 1.6%, while the crime rate is low.

All of these are enviable features when searching for real estate. The average house price may be slightly higher than the national average, most likely due to the desirable conditions of living in the city. Utility prices remain 8% lower than the national average, most likely due to the favorable temperature of the weather. The major benefit of living in Scottsdale is the value of the city you will get for the price of the house, benefitting from the busyness of the metropolitan hub and the peace and climate of the city.  

Scottsdale has many benefits. Arizona as a whole has a business-friendly environment that has already seen a rise in companies relocating and starting throughout the state. Scottsdale’s enviable conditions for real estate mean that it will absorb some of the gains of these businesses and many will see the city, adjacent to the capital, as a luxurious yet affordable alternative to the bustle of Phoenix. The growth of the city will only lend itself further to being a good real estate investment. When considering a move to Arizona, few cities outcompete Scottsdale.

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