July 2020 astrology forecast

Lifestyle | 22 Jun |

This month of July looks so very promising. We can rest in the knowledge that there are so many wonderful planetary alignments to help us make important life choices without risk of creating havoc in our lives.

Overall however, there are nine helpful planetary alignments this month, compared to only three not so helpful ones.

Last month I pondered the question “how much more can you ask for?”

For me personally, I would just love to have a home that overlooks the ocean. A lot to ask perhaps? Not really.

If we ask, we shall receive. I believe in the power of positive thinking and that we can manifest anything in our life if we believe in it very passionately. To limit one’s mind and imagination is to limit your very potential.

There is limitless abundance in the Universe that is there for the asking, or relentless pursuit. What are you waiting for?

Go out there and aim for the Sun, the Moon and the stars. They are within reach, just lift your mind to the place you want to be and then go there. That’s all there is to it.

Now down to the specifics

On 5 July, 2020, Mercury will turn retrograde up until 29 July. I will quote again from previous articles how we mere mortals are influenced by this phenomena..

However briefly, it is a time when people seem to go into an indecisive mode, or they make a decision and then renege on it at a later time.

For some though this can be a good period for mental reflection and deep thought to understand what it is that you truly want to do.

Often writers are highly productive during this time and some people are able to get lots of paperwork done. Some have to retrace their steps, or send that fax twice, as there are glitches and hitches that can get in the way of clear communications.

This is not the time to make major decisions if you can help it. As this influence will last approximately 24 days, it can interfere with plans and arrangements, such as to do with travel, tickets, and time schedules. If you travel to a particular destination during this time, you may later go there again in the future.

This can be one of the most rewarding times to reflect on your thoughts, go over any previously laid plans and reassess whether it is exactly what you had in mind. You do not need to actually set things in motion at this time, just do the planning and preparation ready for when Mercury goes direct, in about three weeks time.

So check the documents three times, allow for alterations to arise, and then check it all once more for accuracy. However, if you do need to leave a loophole open for further possible changes, then this may actually prove to be a fortunate time to commence a project where there will be no objection to changes you wish to make at a later time.

On 6 July, Jupiter will resume direct motion. After having been in retrograde phase for the last several months, this will bring a renewed opportunity to restore our faith in ourselves and in the world.

Those who feel they have been tested by the adversities going on around them will start to realise that the bigger picture is what is important and that mostly, we are mere mortals, and therefore do not have access to the mysteries that the Gods have in store for us.

Those, however, who are gifted on the psychic level will know that some of these mysteries and plans can be tapped from the Universal database of information.

On 18 July, Mercury will re-enter Cancer due to its retrograde motion. The sign of Cancer is associated with the mother, the womb, home and family matters and our sense of heritage or patriotism to our country.

There will be more talk connected to those issues and news reports focussing more than usual on these everyday concerns. Those who are sensitive to criticism will need to strengthen their backbone somewhat, lest hurt feelings are flying all over the place.

Also today there will be a Full Moon with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn. There could be some clashes of opinion regarding cultural and traditional views around this time.

The age gap can also widen and cause barriers when attempting to relate to each other successfully. There may be some insensitivity to the matters the community wish to bring to the attention of people in high places.

On 19 July Venus will enter Cancer and remain in this sign up until 13 August. This sign is a home loving one, and also relates to how we feel about our country or home environment, and we may notice that we become more aware of what we love and cherish about these matters. This can bring out our nurturing and protective instincts more so than usual.

This can reflect in positive developments within families to harmonize their relationships and make one another feel loved and comforted. Our sense of loving can be influenced by the sensitivity of this water sign and bring out the best in our capacities to be warm and protective of those we love, our home, hearth and country.

This three week period can be a favorable time to redecorate the nest and make it more comfortable and homely.

On 23 July, Mars will enter Virgo and remain in this sign up until 8 September.

This may heat up some debates connected with the health industry including hospitals, retreats or other places of confinement such as prisons, and all associated services they provide. There can easily be angst created wherever aggressive action or threats are displayed.

There may also be some severe brushfires or other incidents involving heat or fire.

Also today the Sun will enter Leo and remain in this sign for one whole calendar month. This can put the spotlight on gold shares, entertainment, parties and big celebratory events involving showbiz and lots of glamorously dressed people out strutting their stuff.

Not the time to hide your light under a bushel, but rather put your best threads on and show the world your real talents. Someone in power may become hugely popular during this month long phase and there may also be some spotlight shining more brightly on one of the Royal family. Having fun and enjoying oneself may be the tune during this time.

On 25 July there will be a New Moon in Leo. This can be a very ego orientated time for some and there may be people sticking their nose in the spotlight, just to get their face on telly. Oh so be it for those who feel that need. Otherwise it can be a wonderful time for entertaining and socialising, especially with your very special friends and loved ones.

On 29 July Mercury will resume direct motion at 21 degrees of Cancer so if you have any personal points at that degree, some information may come to light regarding the area of life that Mercury rules in your own personal chart. Generally speaking, when Mercury moves back into direct motion things start to pick up speed, especially if they have recently undergone alterations or delays of any kind.

Communications get back to normal, people will finally return your phone calls and the fax machine decides to work yet again, finally! Plans that had been put on hold, or holiday arrangements may now seem to flow a little smoother. You can safely trust that your thought processes are once again back on track and not as changeable as they have been recently.

Uranus is still retrograde and will continue in this phase up until mid January  2021. Uranus is the inventor and the discoverer of places beyond our imagination. We may try to re-discover how we can tap into our own unique imagination and realise our true potential and capabilities.

We may have denied some of the things that could be and now we may investigate and discover what really is possible.

Neptune continues to be retrograde and will remain in this phase up until almost the end of October 2020. Neptune is the planet of high ideals and elusion. It is also the planet that dissolves situations including ice, icebergs, snow and hail. It can also produce mud slides. This planet was the pivotal planet in the event chart of the landslide in Thredbo.

Whilst Jupiter retrograde may have seen many of us go through of period of questioning whether we have enough faith to sustain us, Neptune retrograde may lead some of us to question our ideals and our views on reality.

This is also the planet related to drugs and alcohol. There may be far more people finding secret places to hide their trade, and this will make it harder to track those bringing illegal substances in and out of the various countries.

Pluto continues to be retrograde and remain in this phase up until 4 September . Pluto is the transformer of the zodiac, and will literally turn your life around when making alignments to your own personal planets.

However, when in retrograde phase it allows you the opportunity, once again to re-assess you current motives, your passions, your intimate relationships and your attitude towards, life, death, and even sex to decide if what you have chosen in recent times is for you overall good and development.

Personally, I prefer it when Pluto is in direct motion, but as I have said before, we can’t always have the planets where we want them or going in the direction we may prefer.

Utilize this time to delve into your subconscious, go exploring your deepest psyche and uncover elements that you thought were hidden, even from yourself, and analyse them as if your life depended on it.

The revelations you may experience may literally wipe your current slate clean and allow you to pursue your goals with absolute freedom when Pluto resumes direct motion in September. Pluto will remain in Sagittarius until 27 November 2021. Pluto will retrograde back into Sagittarius for five months starting in June 2021 and then re-enter Capricorn in late November 2021.

For horary enthusiasts, between 1 and 10 July the Sun will be in mutual reception with Mercury.

Continuing all month we still observe Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces indicating that they are still in mutual reception. Jupiter will continue to remain in mutual reception with Pluto all through July, right up until late November.




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