As the new year begins, new kitchen designs are here. Each year presents new opportunities to upgrade your kitchen to the latest style to meet with the times. Homeowners are looking for spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also cater to the everyday need of life. Here are a few kitchen design trends and ways you can upgrade your kitchen, keep up with the times, and create a kitchen of your dreams. 

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Sustainable materials

One of the top trends for 2024 includes sustainable and natural materials. Homeowners are embracing wood, stone, and other eco-friendly materials to bring nature indoors. From unique wooden cabinetry to stone countertops such as granite and quartz, the emphasis is on creating an environment that is aesthetically appealing and environmentally conscious. The warmth offered by these natural materials elevates the look of any kitchen and adds to the longevity and timeless appeal of the outdoors coming inside.

Organized storage solutions

Efficiency is important in any kitchen, no matter how small or how large. Space is king. Homeowners are looking for innovative storage spaces that make the most of the available space while maintaining the overall look and design of the kitchen. Pull out pantry shelves, hidden storage drawers, custom built cabinetry are all gaining popularity this year allowing homeowners to keep the essentials they need while keeping everything accessible. An organized kitchen makes daily tasks like making lunches for the kids and even dinner a lot easier and a lot less time consuming.

Mixed materials

Instead of having every single part of your kitchen match up perfectly, more homeowners are looking to mixed materials to design their kitchens. Blending different textures, finishes and colors creates a visually interesting space. Homeowners are experimenting with contrasts amongst materials such as mixing matte with glossy finishes or combining metals like steel and brass. This trend allows for personalization of the kitchen and adds a level of sophistication to the space that is unique.

Open shelving

In 2024 open shelving continues to be trending. Homeowners are opting to showcase collections of china, special glasses, cookware, and decorative items on open shelves instead of tucking them away only for special occasions. These shelves not only add a personal touch to the space but also adds to the ease of availability to these items. This contributes to a more efficient kitchen and workspace. To maintain a practical approach, homeowners can combine open shelving with closed cabinets to create an organized and cohesive workspace within the kitchen that isn’t only beautiful but functional.

As we delve into 2024 kitchen design trends are changing like the wind with a fusion of sophistication and practicality. The use of sustainable materials, mixed materials, storage, and open shelving all are contributing to unique kitchens that create a great aesthetic and provide functionality for the family. As homeowners seek to create a space to entertain and have family time, these trends provide an idea of what people are looking for to meet daily life but also stand out.

Author: Amber Carfield is the Design Director at Kitchens by Good Guys, a kitchen remodeling company in Scottsdale, Arizona. Carfield has worked in the kitchen remodeling industry since 2000 and is an expert in all aspects of a kitchen remodel.