Countertop edges are an integral part of kitchen countertop design. However, given different colors, designs and varying sizes of kitchens, homeowners should make the right decisions when shopping for the best laminate countertop edges. Let’s also emphasize that while many people have a strong liking for laminate, quartz edges are the most preferable. The latter is scratch-resistant and durable.

Another dilemma that homeowners face when shopping for countertop edges is the type of edge. You have thought your search ended with settling on a befitting color, material or pattern but there is more. Before we dig deeper into this subject, it is also noteworthy that learning how to finish a countertop edge is crucial, especially if you are a DIYer who always to saves money. Now, onto countertop edges for laminate to consider, there are many options from which you can choose one that meets your needs and within budget. After researching far and wide to help you make the right decision, including laminate countertop trim, here is what we found:


You may have read about Bullnose as one of the best countertop edges but how about fixing it on your laminate countertop?  The truth is that Bullnose is one of the most popular laminate countertop edge options. If it fits the bill as your top choice edge, take note that Bullnose breathes a soft and warm countertop treatment.  The rounded corners, bottom and top sections of your counter inform decisions by most homeowners who settle for Bullnose edge.

With Bullnose also comes another question. Why should you choose Bullnose as one of the best laminate countertop edge styles? Well, while there are fewer variations for laminate than quartz, the contemporary appeal is particularly appealing to homeowners.  You can also opt for a full Bullnose or half Bullnose. While full Bullnose has a smooth curve and angle at the bottom, the top edge in half Bullnose is round.

Beveled edge

Another countertop option that suits laminate countertops is beveled edges. For a modern interior, using beveled edge on laminate may seem a little flattering.  However, the classical look that single beveled edges bring into your kitchen makes them a top choice for most homeowners. That is not to mention a 45-degree angle that defines that top edge cut-off.

If you go for double bevel, take note both the bottom and top edges are cut off at some angle, which is the main difference from the single bevel.  The good news is that if beveled edge sounds like you preferred countertop edges for laminate, you can always customize it to an angle that suits your needs. You can also check out these countertop edges options available at Caesarstone before making the final purchase decision.

Apart from single and double bevel, the option of an extreme beveled edge may sound inviting. It is especially true if you are looking for laminate countertop edges options that have a smaller edge angle than the usual 45 degrees.

Square edges

A professional kitchen designer will tell you that square tops are the go-to for people who have no idea about laminate countertop edge options. The catch is that they fit on nearly every countertop design and material. If you do not want to draw a lot of attention to your kitchen’s countertop, then go for square edges. They do not make the whole place look detailed yet provide a fine finish.

There are many square edge variations from which a homeowner can choose the best. Eased edge is particularly popular among people who love smooth edges. The flat round edge at the edge and a flat appeal on the surface of these edges make them popular. You can also opt for a square waterfall edge. The catch with the latter is that they do not only rank high among laminate countertop edge styles but are also very appealing.

● Eased edge

The third option for laminate countertop edge trim is the eased edge. With this treatment, the sharp edges reminiscent with laminate countertops get replaced by a smooth and soft edge. With eased edge also come notable features.  First off, identical curves at the bottom and the top edges make ease edges widely acceptable, especially for homeowners looking to create a flattering appeal on awkwardly shaped countertops. It is also noteworthy that instead of a sharp angle noticeable on beveled edges, eased options create a smooth feel around your laminate countertop.

The bottom Line

When it comes to choosing the best laminate countertop edge styles, you should factor in the size of your kitchen, countertop color, and material. Quartz goes with most edges. Most importantly, you always consult an interior décor professional to help you make the right decision. It is because apart from one’s preference, every kitchen is unique in some way and it takes a professional to notice the differences.