An active lifestyle and healthy daily dose of good nutrition, vitamins and minerals, are to date, still the single best way to keep a body healthy, sexy and cellulite free. But what if you aren’t the athlete of the year and the extent of your physical activity is spent chasing paper at your very demanding desk job? Even if you belong to a gym, you can’t ignore the hours spent sitting on your rump decreasing circulation and contributing to too much dreaded cellulite.

So this said, you’ve got it, and you want to get rid of it. What are your options for long term solutions? To begin, if you’re hitting the gym and eating right, you’ve got half the battle.  Other options range from topical applications to surgical procedures to combat stubborn cellulite that won’t respond to diet and exercise.

Topical treatments

Wraps and creams are a good strategy for mild cellulite as these methods work to hydrate, soothe and detox targeted skin, usually using mineral based products. Although these methods don’t eliminate problematic cellulite, they do minimize the appearance of it by tightening the affected area. Common ingredients used for these treatments include: sterile mineral clays, mud, seaweed, kelp and algae.

Endermologie and Non-Invasive Procedures

Endermologie machines are contraptions used to improve circulation at problematic sites, breaking up fatty tissue deposits that otherwise pucker beneath the skin. This method is best used for light cases of cellulite as well as being part of preventative measures after other treatments and lifestyle changes have been implemented.

LIPOcel is a body contouring system that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to minimize cellulite and is popular for sculpting the abdomen, thighs, arms and love handles.

Surgical Procedures

Liposuction is still a good option, with the latest techniques and methods being minimally invasive. To date, there are a number of different methods including: Tumescent (uses an injectable solution), Vaser Liposuction (utilizes sound waves), Power Assisted (PAL – utilizing compressed air), and a variety of laser specialties for precision work, suitable for any part of the body. It’s worth mentioning that laser techniques are less traumatic for the patient, don’t require local anesthetic and can be performed right in the doctor’s office.

Since Cellulite is a reality that many people have to face, it’s good to have options. Adequate nutrition and plenty of exercise are still your best strategies for controlling and preventing it. But if you’ve got it, checking out the topical wraps, creams, machines and surgical procedures available are effective strategies for combating cellulite.