Do you tend to get lazy whenever it’s time for you to clean the kitchen? If that’s the case, I have this awesome lazy person’s guide to a clean kitchen. How do I know all this? Well, that’s because I am a lazy one myself. So, I know this will help you out, and you will end up with a cleaner kitchen even with all the laziness.

Here are the things that you can do to keep your kitchen clean while being lazy –

Create a separate trash can

It may sound a bit confusing initially, but it’s very effective. So, you will be doing this here to get a separate bowl when you are preparing your meal. You will throw all the food scraps, left-out parts, and trash in that bowl.

How does this help?You will probably be too lazy to go back and forth to throw all the trash you get whenever you cook. With a bowl by your side, you don’t have to move around a lot to throw the trash. You can keep it close to you.

When you are done with cooking, you can take the bowl full of trash and throw them in the trashcan at once. It also helps prevent any junk from sticking on the countertops or chopping boards.

Use the cooking time to clean.

It is one of the best solutions for lazy people to keep their kitchens clean. When cooking, you won’t have to stare at the pan or pot the whole time. You can just put all the ingredients and let the food cook. Now, what do you do while the cooking is going on? The best way to utilize that time is through thorough cleaning of the kitchen.

You can use that time to keep an eye on your meal, and at the same time, you can clean the small messes that you make in the preparation process. For example, you can wash the chopping board right away while the food is on the stove. Or you can clear the countertop. You can even wash some dishes during that time.

In short, try using the cooking time to your advantage and clean up your kitchen. Then, you won’t have to spend time separately on these things. It’s the proper utilization of time that makes everything more efficient.

Clean up right afterward

Here’s the thing, I know none of us want to clean up after finishing our meal—especially the lazy ones. However, you are essentially choosing a harder-to-clean process with this activity.

Because whenever you leave the food residue persists in your dishes, they become harder to clean. It is also the case with the cooking pan and pots. So, the best thing you can do is, right after you are done cooking and eating, clean up immediately. Additionally, check Cleanzen website for various kinds of cleaning tips and tricks.

Clean up the pans and pots you used after cooking and clean up the dishes right after eating. You will see all the food residue coming off without any extra effort.