Legacy Sports USA CEO Chad Miller announced today the Legacy Performance Center, a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art performance, fitness and training center for athletes of all skill levels and ages, is now open to the public at Bell Bank Park in Mesa.

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Legacy Performance serves as a one-stop shop for any level of athlete or health-driven individual, with an environment that is designed to meet the needs and goals of all athletes – from elite professional athletes to recreational athletes, teams, young athletes, and individuals.  It is led by Dan O’Brien, the gold medalist (decathlon) in the 1996 Olympics, and Spencer Tatum, Founder of Tatum Human Performance (THP), the official performance partner for Bell Bank Park.

“The key to being successful in any sport and in life is surrounding yourself with people that share the same visions and goals,” O’Brien said.  “The Legacy Performance team wants to help individuals and teams achieve their dreams no matter the size.”

Training at Legacy Performance is delivered by expert coaches, beginning with a comprehensive assessment and progressing through a multi-faceted, dynamic training system.  Each workout is designed to meet the team or individual’s needs and are tracked with the latest technology tools.

The training environment, technology and equipment at Legacy Performance are designed to inspire, motivate, and achieve every athlete’s goal. The focus is to bring efficiency to the training space for athletes, coaches, sports science, and education. This dynamic facility includes some of the leading technology and recovery solutions to discover athletes’ needs, missing links in their performance, measure the success of their training and enhance their body’s recovery from stress.  The facility includes:

• 80 yards of turf for speed, agility, and conditioning training

• 2 lanes of 75-meter track lanes for speed and indoor track work

• 16 squat racks with strength tools to increase an athlete’s strength

• Dual force plates to measure power, strength, and force production

• Medical grade body composition analysis technology

• High-speed treadmill to enhance top end speed

• Velocity-based training technology to quantify the intent of strength training

• Athlete management system to analyze sports performance, track wearable data, and guide athletes and coaches through the decision-making process

• 30-yard sprint ramp for power and speed development

• Recovery/training room with hot and cold pools

• Laser timing gates to quantify the speed of the athlete

Legacy Performance offers unique services from assessments and sports science to dynamic training for individuals, teams, youth athletes, and professional athletes.  The process starts with a Performance Screen, a combination of questionnaires and physical assessments, to quantify the athlete’s movement, fitness level, strength, power, and speed.   The information collected from the screen provides a specific training program or pathway to improve athletes’ performance.   Services provided to optimize performance include:

• Individual or team performance screen/assessment

• Speed and agility training

• Semi-private training (individualized program design delivered in 4 athletes to 1 coach ratio)

• Team performance training

• One-on-one performance training

• Individualized program design

• Athlete management and sports science analysis

• Nutrition coaching and programming

• Elite athlete training

“The Legacy Performance facility and THP training system provides a clear pathway for athletes to optimize their performance and unlock their human potential,” Tatum said.  “We feel that the combo provides the Ultimate Training Experience.”

Based in Scottsdale, THP was named the official performance partner for Bell Bank Park in September of 2021.  Dedicated to understanding the human body, movement, fitness and sport performance, Tatum created THP to deliver a fitness or sports training solution specific to each person’s goals.  This led to the development of a unique niche in the sports world to spread the impact of his training beyond just him.  Currently, Tatum and THP’s reach tallies more than 150 collegiate athletes, 30 professional athletes including 2021 PGA of America Player of the Year and World No. 1 golfer Jon Rahm, and two Super Bowl champions.

For additional information on the performance services at Bell Bank Park, please visit https://legacysportsusa.com/performance-center/inquiries/ and submit an inquiry to the Legacy Performance team.