During the holiday season, a lot of people get new laptops, new phones and toys and gadgets that use lithium batteries. The City of Peoria reminds residents lithium batteries should not be thrown into regular trash or recycling bins because that can cause lithium battery fires. 

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Lithium batteries can ignite and cause fires and should be disposed of properly at designated locations. Peoria sanitation workers have put out two lithium battery trash fires this week caused by lithium batteries in electric scooters that were thrown out in regular trash pick up. 

Peoria provides “by appointment” household hazardous waste collection for residents with residential solid waste services. Crews will come to your home and collect the hazardous waste material.  

The next scheduling for pickup starts January 16, 2024. Collection dates are January 29 to February 16. 

To schedule a hazardous waste collection from your home and steps to preparing your material for collection, click here.