Lost Lake Festival won’t only be known for inviting big names like The Killers, Chance the Rapper and Major Lazer to Phoenix, but also for feeding the appetites of Arizona foodies.  

The festival will feature four major food and drink zones – Phoenix Flavors, Brewpark, The Lava Pit and Nectar of the Gods.  

downtown Phoenix food
Nationally recognized for its pizzas, Pizzeria Bianco’s small seating capacity can lead to wait times that sometimes surprise casual patrons. The restaurant features a wood-fired oven and homemade mozzarella cheese.

The inaugural music festival will be held at Steele Indian School Park on Oct. 20 to 22.  

Guided by the festival’s Culinary Ambassador and James Beard award-winning chef and author, Chris Bianco, it’s safe to say that the menu for the weekend is in safe hands. Bianco is bringing together the best of what local chefs and restaurants have to offer including his own Pizzeria Bianco. 

“I’m excited by Lost Lake’s dedication to making this event a reflection of the Phoenix culture and community, including our local culinary scene. We invited some truly special people from our part of the world to keep you well nourished, hydrated and happy,” said Bianco. 

Bianco put together over 25 dining options for Phoenix Flavors to show off the Valley’s diverse culinary atmosphere including: 

  • Casa Anejo 
  • Clever Koi 
  • Coolhaus 
  • Freak Brothers Pizza 
  • Frites Street 
  • Gadzooks 
  • Gangsta Burger 
  • Gorilla Cheese Food Truck 
  • Grant’s Ice Cream 
  • Gypsy Cup 
  • Hillside Cafe 
  • Hippie Dips 
  • Hot Bamboo 
  • Hummus Xpress 
  • Island Noodles 
  • Kaleidoscope Juice   
  • Left Coast Burrito 
  • Los Compadres 
  • Ocotillo 
  • Paletas Betty 
  • Pizzeria Bianco 
  • Pokitrition 
  • Stock & Stable 
  • Tee’s Mac n Cheese 
  • The Spot 
  • The Treatery 
  • White Eyes Fry Bread 

Brewpark will have over a dozen breweries including:  

  • Anderson Valley Brewing Co. 
  • Avery Brewing Co. 
  • Blue Moon Brewing Co. 
  • College Street Brewhouse 
  • Crispin Cider Co. 
  • Dragoon Brewing Co. 
  • Grand Canyon Brewing Co. 
  • Great Divide Brewing Co. 
  • Hop Valley Brewing Co. 
  • Huss Brewing Co. 
  • Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. 
  • Mike Hess Brewing 
  • Mother Earth Brew Co. 
  • Phoenix Ale Brewery 
  • Pilsner Urquell Brewery 
  • Saint Archer Brewing Co. 
  • SanTan Brewing Co. 
  • Ska Brewing 
  • That Brewery 

There will also be an active volcano at The Lava Pit, where mouth-watering meals will be grilled by pitmasters from Starlite and Tom’s BBQ.  

There will also be something for tequila and mezcal lovers, or those who are looking to dive into a new world of drink. Nectar of the Gods will be showcasing flavors of the Southwest through tastings of anejo, reposado, blanco and mezcal.