If your New Year’s resolution is to write a book, get excited. Valley resident and best-selling author Elizabeth Lyons’ renowned 30-Day Book Writing Bootcamp starts Monday, Jan. 8th. The goal: to get anyone who’s been wanting to write a book — whether fiction, nonfiction or memoir — to the finish line. In 30 days.

“Parkinson’s Law dictates that we stretch work timelines to fill as much — or as little — time as we allow for completion,” notes Lyons, who completed the manuscript for her forthcoming book, “Enough,” in her last 30-Day Bootcamp right alongside her clients. “If you give yourself five years to write a book, it will take five years. If you give yourself 30 days, you’ll finish in 30 days.”

Given that Lyons has five children and a thriving coaching business, if she can write a book in 30 days, she bets almost anyone can.

“30-60 minutes per day for 30 days. That’s all I need my bootcamp clients to commit,” Lyons explains, understanding that her clients likely have full-time jobs and the needed value of focused, intentional work.

The bootcamp is limited to 20 participants, and spots are filling fast. To learn more or secure a spot, visit https://publishaprofitablebook.com/get-started/book-writing-bootcamp-enroll/

Lyons’ unique approach combines her proven writing process, daily training and lessons, weekly live group sessions and mindset work to provide one of the most well-rounded, community-based, results-driven book writing bootcamps on the market (and, did we mention, she’s quite funny as well and the bootcamp sessions are entertaining while being educational and inspirational?).

“Elizabeth is part sergeant, part coach, part fairy godmother,” says Becky Daniel, a participant in the last bootcamp. “She knows her stuff and speaks from a wealth of knowledge and experience. She’s not about quick fixes, but rather keeping you motivated, engaged and—most of all—writing. I’ve wanted to write a book for 35 years, but didn’t know where to start. Liz’s coaching was the best thing I did for myself in 2017.”