There’s a surprising new segment of the population embracing the cannalifestyle: More seniors in Arizona are using marijuana. 

Multiple studies show that the number of adults ages 65+ who use cannabis has increased in recent years. Colby Ayres, publisher of, has seen the trend first-hand and says that there has been an evident uptick in dispensaries advertising their products and deals to seniors. 

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“It’s no surprise that, since cannabis was legalized in Arizona, a lot of the stigma has gone away, which I think has attracted those who may have never considered trying it before,” he says. “A lot of cannabis businesses are noticing this trend as well and will often have senior discounts or make sure to take extra time with older adults who are new to cannabis to explain the ins and outs of different products that are available.”

Ayres adds that, for many older adults, cannabis is often seen as a viable alternative to opioids and other pain or prescription medications. Research has found that marijuana can potentially help with insomnia, anxiety and chronic pain, and has even been used in treatment plans for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, and sleep disorders—all health issues that seniors often face. 

“We [] offer a lot of resources that outline the health benefits of cannabis—whether it’s for medical or adult use,” Ayres says. “There is so much research, past and present, to back up the fact that cannabis can be a viable option for seniors looking for ways to relieve pain and address other medical issues.” 

For seniors who enjoyed cannabis in their youth—or those who are first-timers—cannabis looks different now than in the past and can even be described as “more approachable,” according to Ayres. Edibles, tinctures, vapes, and even topicals are often easier ways for older consumers to access the benefits of cannabis. “If you’re restarting cannabis use after not using it for decades, there have been a lot of changes in dosages and delivery methods,” he says. “I recommend talking to a dispensary employee.”

To help, Ayres adds that his website provides a go-to list of marijuana-friendly doctors and includes information on different ways cannabis can be consumed.

“I think it’s a positive that cannabis is becoming more accepted and even embraced by older generations,” he says. “I hope that more seniors feel comfortable to try cannabis to improve their quality of life.”