Matt Hoodie has lost 130 pounds and kept it off for more than a decade. Since that time, he has turned his passion for fitness and good health into a thriving business in Scottsdale, where he has helped hundreds of clients lose a cumulative 12,000 pounds, including 24 clients (and counting) who have lost more than 100 pounds each. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, Hoodie was inspired to expand his business to an online platform –  Matt Hoodie Fitness – in an effort to help those unable to go to the gym or get the support they need because of health and safety restrictions. 

Matt Hoodie has lost 130 pounds and kept it off for more than a decade.

“Right now, is the perfect time to launch an online training and coaching platform,” said Hoodie. “Between increased stress and many gyms being closed for safety reasons, we are noticing a lot of people have let their health and fitness plans slide over the last six months. But what the pandemic has actually shown us is how important good health really is. I have seen so many people slip into worse health during these trying times.” 

“Now is the time to recommit to a healthier lifestyle – not just to look and feel better – but to ensure you don’t have chronic health issues that could impact your survival, should you get sick,” Hoodie added.     

Based on his personal experience, Hoodie understands what it takes to make a complete life transformation. Since 2010, Hoodie has been training clients 1-on-1 to help those who need the most reinforcement to change their lives. Among his success stories, Hoodie has helped a single mom lose 240 pounds and a 50-year old man lose 260 pounds. 

Accountability plays a significant role in weight loss success, however, with the recent COVID-19 global crisis, Hoodie knew he had to evolve his business to help clients who weren’t able to have face-to-face training and nutrition coaching sessions. provides personal training workouts, life coaching, nutritional supplements and recipes/meal planning support. 

“In addition to helping people master their nutrition, my online platform also includes daily workouts and interactive lessons that address many of the behavioral and emotional factors that impact our weight loss journeys,” said Hoodie. “These lessons provide tools for people to use so little-by-little they overcome bad habits and ultimately keep the weight off for the rest of their lives.” 

Hoodie has a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University where he studied both Dietetics and Exercise Science. He has been training independently in the Valley since 2010 and has helped countless clients overcome struggles with nutrition and weight loss. For more information, visit