Artist Niki Woehler is rapidly becoming one of the most collectable artists in the West.  Her modern, abstract art is filled with lines, layers and textures that invade smooth facades, imbuing surface beauty with depth, character, strength and wisdom.  Her recent “Elemental” and “Tree” paintings are inspired by objects that have been ravaged by nature and the participating elements. To her, the longer something stands the tests of time, the more interesting it becomes.  Woehler is drawn to the imperfect details and longs to tell their stories: A burning tree, a perspective magnified or obscured by rain, eroded rocks, and metal etched with rust. 

Woehler paints at her studio in Phoenix. Her art has been featured in many major Arizona publications and can be found in private collections all over the United States and Canada.

Some of the private collections in which she has been included are: Peter Ruppe, Jacqueline Nerguizian of JN Jewels, Caroline Davies, Mandy Haber, Susan Svitak and Claire Ackerman.  Top-tier interior Arizona designers including Wendy Black Rogers Interiors,  and Lori Carroll & Associates in Tucson integrate her work into their contemporary designs. Niki is also contracted with several top art consultants throughout the United States, including Soho Myriad. This January, five-star hotel Waldorf Astoria’s Arizona Biltmore will proudly display her pieces as their guest during the Concours D’Elegance. 

Woehler’s paintings have been exhibited by many Phoenix galleries, including Skyline Lofts Gallery, Roche Bobois, PavoReal Interiors, and the Modern Group in Scottsdale.Woehler grew up in Toronto and moved to Phoenix in 1994.