Fashion is evergreen, and many elements of men’s fashion has evolved over the years! For example, men’s fashion has been favoring a slim fit. However, there are also many trends that will provide a classic look, such as wearing a three-piece suit to a formal event. Overall, you can’t go wrong with a slim, trim and professional look.

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Here are four men’s fashion tips that will bring you into the year 2021 with style:

1. Know the difference between dress shirts and sport shirts, so you can wear the appropriate look for an occasion

Dress shirts typically have a neck and sleeve measurement i.e., 15 34/35 and sport shirts are sized the same as normal shirts S-XL. Dress shirts are also slightly longer as most of the time they are tucked in whereas sport shirts are slightly shorter and may have some embellishment on the bottom so you can achieve the perfect length for an untucked look.

If you are at a more formal event, always pick the dress shirt. If the event is less formal, you can rock a sports shirt, no problem! Your style should represent your personality, but also reflect the tone of the event.

2. Slimmer, trimmer and more fitted fits are in!

Some men get scared when they hear the words slim fit. However, fitted outfits look great on men of all sizes and ages. When we talk about fits, there is the European style that is very slim. A more traditional slim fit is more of an athletic look and feel. Test out both styles to see what fits your body type best and what you feel most confident in!

Dressing for your body type means finding the right pieces to accentuate certain features and minimize others. For example, if you have broad shoulders, find a garment with a lower profile shoulder pad or a deconstructed jacket with no shoulder pad. If you have large thighs, select a trouser that fits your thighs and have it tailored from the knee down to achieve the right look.

Also, the slimmer the pant, the shorter the length should be!

Pro Tip: When selecting garments, find a material that moves with your body when you are choosing a slimmer fit. It is not fun to be uncomfortable all night. Too tight of a fit could also lead to tears. 

3. Select the right colors based on your skin tone, the season and the type of event you are attending

As a rule of thumb, lighter colored fabrics tend to look better on darker skin tones. . However, on fairer skin tones, lighter colors i.e., tan or peach tend to wash a person out. People with fair skin should opt for medium or dark tones.

Seasonality also plays a large role in color palettes. Winter colors includebrowns, burgundies and various shades of green whereas spring or summer colors would be lighter and crisper such as whites, blues, lavenders and pinks.

Lastly and most importantly, pick the right color for the event you are attending. Whether you’re a guest at a wedding or you have a business function, selecting the right colors can really have a big effect. Weddings are the bride’s day so no matter how much you may want to stand out, please don’t. Keep it simple and stick to grey, blues or possibly a little pop of color. Blue is king when it comes to anything business. Blue is the #1 color to convey trust and responsibility. 

4. If you don’t have any suits, don’t buy a sport coat to try to create a quick fix for an event.

Suits have greater longevity than a sport coat. Buy a suit and if you need a sport coat/more casual look you can always wear a suit jacket as a sport coat. It’s always a good idea to have a suit on hand for any personal or professional events that come up!

I use these guidelines for all of my clients, including the Arizona Cardinals broadcast staff. A little effort in your style goes a long way, and these tips will help you dress to impress!


Author: Josh Fink is the general manager and co-owner of Nick’s Menswear. Family owned and locally operated, Nick’s Menswear is the Valley’s industry leader when it comes to quality suits with the best fit, price and service around. It is their company’s mission to treat every individual as if they were family and to make them look as perfect as possible for whatever event need they have. To learn more about Nick’s Menswear please visit