New analysis reveals that Mesa, Arizona, is the cheapest area in the U.S. for a gym membership.

The research, conducted by fitness resource analysed data from cost-of-living site Numbeo to discover the average price of a gym membership across a list of 80 U.S. cities.

Mesa, Arizona, is cheapest area of the U.S. for a gym membership. The average monthly fee for one adult in Mesa is $18.29 per month: $26.69 less than the country’s average of $44.98.

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“Working out is a vital use of your time for not only your physical health but your mental wellbeing, too,” said a spokesperson for “Whilst exercise can be done from anywhere, a gym membership can serve as a motivating factor for your fitness goals, whilst offering a space to escape from everyday life. The disparities in gym membership cost across the states is shocking to see – some areas have a much more accessible rate.”

Placing second is Memphis, Tennessee with an average monthly cost of $22.44.

Cleveland, Ohio, ranks as the third cheapest area in the US for a gym membership. Residents in this area pay $23.11 per month, on average.

Las Vegas, Nevada comes in as the fourth cheapest area with a monthly gym membership costing $26.14, nearly $19 cheaper than the US average.

Louisville, Kentucky places fifth in the rankings, costing a resident $26.20 on average per month; making the area only 6¢ more expensive than Las Vegas.

Plano, Texas is the sixth cheapest area with a monthly gym membership costing $26.44.

Eugene, Oregon ranks seventh with a monthly cost of $26.50, $18.48 cheaper than the national average.

Jacksonville, Florida places eighth in the rankings with a monthly cost for residents of $26.88.

In Spokane, Washington, the average monthly cost is $27.22, making the area the ninth cheapest area.

Mobile, Alabama is the tenth cheapest area of the US with a monthly gym membership cost of $27.75; $78.31 less than the most expensive area.

New York ranks as having the most expensive fitness club monthly fee of $106.06 per month.