Today, Michael Waltrip, two-time champion of the Daytona 500, announced the creation of a new brewing company based in Phoenix that bears his name. 

The Michael Waltrip Brewing Company unofficially launched a portfolio of great-tasting beers in late March, creating a quality brand that is also unmistakably fun — like Michael himself. The beers will officially be available in several states starting in September under the brand name “Two-Time” Lagers & Ales. 

“I’m thrilled to be able to bring my beers to the market,” said Waltrip, two-time champion of the Daytona 500.”  We are making the styles of beer that I love to drink whether I’m at the track, on the golf course or just relaxing. It’s going to be great to share my Two-Time creations with everyone.” 

Michael Waltrip, two-time champion of the Daytona 500, announced the creation of a new brewing company based in Phoenix that bears his name.

The company will be based in Phoenix and plans to open a production facility and taproom in the metro area in late 2020. The company has begun to introduce the line of beers in other states as well. 

GREAT BRAND AND GREAT STORIESThe new Two-Time beer brand initially features a lineup of a “Blonde” Ale; “Checkered Past,” a coconut India Pale Ale; and “Vamanos,” a Mexican-style Lager, with new year-round and seasonal selections being added. Each of the beers has a special story behind it and some clever and subtle references to racing.  

“The Two-Time brand is all about having fun and enjoying life, much like Michael himself. We don’t take ourselves seriously, but we’re very serious about our beer,” said Bryan R. Sperber, CEO of Michael Waltrip Brewing Company.  “We are dedicated to making ‘better beer’ that beer drinkers can enjoy at their favorite spot or at home. We believe that a better life includes better beer.” 

The company’s Chairman, J. Glynn Gross, said, “I had to be a part of this. You can’t help being attracted to our fun perspective being infused in the Two-Time brand.”

MICHAEL WALTRIP BREWING COMPANY.  The Michael Waltrip Brewing Company was founded by motor racing icon and two-time Daytona 500 champion, Michael Waltrip, along with longtime sports & entertainment executive Bryan R. Sperber and entrepreneur J. Glynn Gross. The company will be headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. 

About Michael Waltrip Brewing Company

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Michael Waltrip Brewing Company is a premium brewing company that celebrates the enthusiasm and joy of better living of its founder, iconic motorsports champion Michael Waltrip. The company’s Two-Time beer brand is the result of Waltrip’s quest to create better beers that are easy to drink, approachable and filled with quality ingredients and brewed with craftsmanship. 

The company’s flagship brand, Two-Time, is a high quality, fabulously refreshing, flavorful collection of better beers, aptly named after Waltrip’s two-time Daytona 500 victories.  The variety of beers initially features a lineup of “Blonde” Ale; a coconut India Pale Ale “Checkered Past;” and a Mexican-style Lager “Vamanos.”  Seasonal and other new selections also are planned for the beverage portfolio.  A Phoenix-based brewery and taproom, tasting and lifestyle events, and distribution in other states are in development. For more information, visit