Lovepop, the maker of handcrafted 3D paper cards, announced new research that delves into how millennials define the holiday season and the efforts they are making to build new traditions of thoughtfulness.

The national study of more than 850 people, conducted through an online panel, at a 95% confidence level with +/-4% margin of error, amongst those planning to celebrate the holiday with family and friends this year, revealed that all generations agree upon the true meaning of the season. 93% said they consider “kindness” the most important aspect of the holiday season, and 94% said they make a personal goal to demonstrate acts of kindness during the holiday season.

In the cross-generational study, millennials stood out for their clear, shared vision of what kindness and thoughtfulness mean during the holidays and their commitment to going above and beyond to demonstrate it.

Interestingly, 60% of millennials think their definition of thoughtfulness is different than older generations, and they are 91% more likely than any other generation to say they are “more thoughtful than their parents.” A shared view of millennial thoughtfulness emerges with 80% saying it’s about making an effort to spend time with friends and family, 66% creating shared experiences, 70% making an effort to acknowledge the everyday efforts of those around them, and 53% citing remembering events and milestones important to loved ones.

Additional key findings included:

Thoughtfulness proving a major priority to millennials

Across the study, millennials were the only generation to statistically agree that they are nicer than their parents. They are, in fact, 60% more likely to say they put in more of an effort to show they care than boomers are, and 91% more likely to agree they are more thoughtful than their parents. Additionally, more than half (54%) of millennial parents say they make more of an effort to teach their children kindness than their parents did for them.

Millennials going above and beyond this season

86% of millennials said they will go above and beyond to ensure they are with loved ones this holiday season, and the data backs that up with millennials being more likely to travel, fund travel of others, and take on a tough schedule.

• 68% of millennials will travel this holiday season to be with loved ones; they will spend 44% more on travel than any other generation

• 25% of millennials plan to cover travel expenses for loved ones to travel to be with them

• 85% of millennials will take on what they describe as a “difficult schedule” in order to be with loved ones, including attending multiple events with friends and family during the same day. Millennials will attend 16% more events to be with friends and family than any other generation.

Although two-thirds of millennials say they are pressed for time during the holidays, most plan to make time for community and charity causes. 58% plan to donate their time to a cause this year and 54% plan to bring their children in on that tradition, making them 16% more likely to give their time to community and charitable causes than any other generation.

“At Lovepop, we’re openly obsessed with gratitude,” said Lovepop founder, Wombi Rose. “It’s great to see all generations share in the mentality of what the holiday season is about, and it’s particularly inspiring to see our younger generation working hard to build a culture of kindness. We believe our cards can help all generations show their appreciation for the loved ones in their life.”