Puzzle Rides Scottsdale and Prescott, a mobile escape room-style scavenger hunt, has launched a series of NEW and SPOOKY experiences for Halloween! Participants are taken on a route via golf cart and use teamwork, along with elements of the route to solve a series of puzzles before time runs out! Puzzle Rides was developed during the pandemic and has proven to be wildly popular among families, friends and kids, so the owner decided to launch a series of family-friendly scavenger hunts for Halloween including: Ghost Riders Old Town Scottsdale: Do you dare ride in the dark? This nighttime ride takes you to the darker spots of Old Town Scottsdale. The clues might spook you out of making it to your final destination as you attempt to hunt haunts while solving the puzzle. 

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Ghost Riders Prescott: What you hear on this ride will send shivers down your spine! Cruise through Whiskey Row as your puzzle master tells an alternate tale to Prescott’s most well known hauntings at the Hassayampa Inn, The Vendome and The Palace. Stories of spirits are shared and all of the tales are backed up with history and research.

Ghost Town Stories: This fun Halloween ride has a few hidden surprises along the trail! Throughout this ride you’ll follow the notes of Archaeologist Stanley Bones as he researches the Chinese Sojourners of Prescott’s past who used to live along Granite Creek. Bones discovered he often wasn’t alone because he encountered spirits of those still calling the area home and you might not be alone either.

Live Game of Clue Ride: You guessed it… on this exciting ride you play a live version of Clue! Just like the traditional board game you loved as a kid. However, unlike rolling a dice and moving a game piece 6 spaces into the ballroom with the candlestick, you’ll be on a gold cart posing as a local historical character with the murder weapons onboard and the room are now locations around the city! The goal of this game is to figure out who killed Mr. Body!

Wacky Witch Missing Broom Adventure: There’s a wacky witch who has become the victim of a halloween trick and she needs your help finding her missing broom stick! Not only will you be on the lookout for the witches broom but you might even find a few surprise Halloween treats as you solve the clues! Unlike all other adventures this special one is an all walking route, no riding in golf carts. This route is specifically for kids 12 and under because we know they will enjoy it the most. 

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