Coco Channel once said, “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it seems appropriate for a cosmetic, skincare review. I am, like many whimsical thinkers, a self-proclaimed believer that feeling good is mostly an “inside job.” With that said, any cosmetic that has the power to boost your spirits is worth its salt (or beauty powder). Take a look at a few skincare lines and cosmetics that may not have you ready to attack, but are thoroughly enjoyable and refreshing.

Smolder Cosmetics Full disclosure, I am not a Millennial. I do, however, have several friends who are and I think this cosmetic line is a perfect fit. I had friend/makeup enthusiast and expert, Terry, do a demo of Smolder’s “Loose Shimmery Pigments” and “Peachy Keen” matte lipstick. Smolder offers a quality product line that’s fun, bright, long-lasting and priced right. 

Naked Truth Beauty Bravo to the branding gurus at Naked Truth Beauty. What I love about this line, is its simplicity. Everything about Naked Truth Beauty from the products to the branding is clean, straightforward and simple in the best possible way. And, the packaging is recycled, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. I tested the lip/cheek stain and loved it for both purposes – a perfect I-only-have-2-seconds-to-apply-make-up fix – and it smells wonderful. 

BIOEFFECT This serum contains EGF, which according to the folks at BIOEFFECT serves to help repair skin, rejuvenate and proliferate healthy skin. Admittedly, after almost three months of use, I have witnessed the minimization of fine lines – and I still have half a bottle left. A little of this “miracle serum” goes a long way, only one or two drops per use. Be forewarned: the BIOEFFECT product line comes with hefty price tags but as a recipient of the EGF facial serum, I can attest to its value, especially in comparison to the claims of other facial serums. 

Skinerals – Nevermind that it removes the icky dead skin from your face and is made from plants (although that’s definitely appreciated), Skineral’s Platinum Pineapple Facial Masque smells like a delicious pina colada (for your face). Having sensitive skin, I have to be careful with any product that includes perfumes or is intended to exfoliate. I don’t have to worry about either with Skinerals, made from natural, nonabrasive ingredients. 

Dionis lotions Goatee, goat yoga, goat lotions? Yes! One of my daughters has horrible Eczema and this lightweight, sensitive-skin lotion formula is perfect to help sooth the persistent skin condition. On an aside – did you know that humans share the same PH as goats?