Everyone wants to look vibrant and fresh-faced, yet some of us are wary of intrusive procedures to attain our ideal appearance. Fortunately, the cosmetic beauty industry has greatly evolved, and there are now more alternatives available than ever before. Tixel is one of the most popular new additions to the market, for example, and it is swiftly gaining favor among those who wish to treat delicate facial skin, such as periorbital, eyelids, neck, and décolleté, in a safe and effective manner.

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Tixel is a revolutionary in skin rejuvenation, treating wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, pore size, skin laxity, and acne scarring. It has minimal side effects, is safe, and is non-invasive. This procedure satisfies the increased demand for improving skin complexion and reversing photoaging damage, allowing patients to enjoy more youthful, revitalized skin in only a few brief lunchtime treatment sessions.

How Tixel Works

As a part of the procedure, Tixel® employs a compact, heated metal plate comprised of several tiny, heated cones. This is passed over the face and neck, delivering rapid bursts of heat energy directly to the skin’s surface while causing no damage to deeper skin tissues. The process stimulates the production of collagen, which tightens the skin.

Tixel® outperforms abrasive chemical peels as well as all skincare prescriptions on the market. Patients can even apply makeup the next day with very little downtime following the painless procedure. This procedure can also be performed year-round on patients of various skin types and age groups.

Who is Tixel® For

What many people love about this technique is that it can address all skin types, which is not the case with other popular modalities, lasers especially. Tixel® is beneficial for any skin issue under the sun, including hyperpigmentation, melasma, scarring, wrinkles, pore size, and skin laxity. It’s also fantastic for stretch marks and surgical scars. Similarly, this therapy can treat active acne and scarring at the same time, which is a huge plus because few therapies can accomplish that with the kind of outcomes that Tixel® achieves.

Treatments Tixel® Trumps

Tixel® produces results comparable to those of deep skin peels and intensive laser treatments with significantly less downtime, discomfort, and recovery time. Many patients find that the treatment’s results are dramatically superior to those of chemical peels and are much more effective and lasting than those of prescription medications.

The Effects of Tixel®

Within a few days of treatment, the skin heals quickly and appears beautiful and luminous, leading to high patient satisfaction which is further reinforced by long-term results. Typical results include a younger appearance, noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture, a decrease in wrinkles, and a fading of superficial pigmentation.

At Love Skin Holistic Med Spa, mesotherapy combined with Tixel® allows for genuinely customized care for each patient. Patients are provided with specialized mesotherapy products to use after the process to hydrate and alleviate skin concerns, as well as post-care items to help them get the most out of the procedure when they return home.


Author: Diana J. Rieger is a licensed cosmetologist, the owner of Love Skin Holistic Medical Spa in Tempe and the creator of Love Skin Botanicals™. She specializes in holistic skin rejuvenation, non-surgical anti-aging treatments, no-needle filler injections, laser skin tightening, skin tag removal/irregularity treatment, LED photo-pulsation therapy, acne treatment and scar reduction using cutting edge PRP Micro-Needling therapy, microdermabrasion and customized chemical peels. For more information, visit https://www.loveskinmedspa.com