Due to the circumstances of the past few years, many have become accustomed to working out in the comfort of their homes. Therefore, you may be looking for a quick workouts you can do at home before you enjoy your delicious carb-loaded holiday meals!

It’s important to maintain the health and wellness that you have been dedicated to all year, but during the holiday season, many may let their healthy habits go to the wayside, since they are spending time with their loved ones rather than going to the gym, and they are enjoying holiday feasts.

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As a co-founder of Muscular Moving Men & Storage, I have seen the benefits of heavy lifting and how it can support muscle growth in the body. Therefore, while doing at-home workouts this holiday season, it’s a great idea to find weighted items to utilize in your workouts to support muscle health.

Here are five different workouts that you can do in the comfort of your home to support your health and wellness throughout this season:

Cardio workout with weighted backpack

Cardio is an extremely effective way to burn fat, so I would highly recommend that you incorporate cardio into your regime this holiday season. Take a walk around your neighborhood. If you want an extra challenge, fill up a backpack with some heavy books! Adding weights to your walk or jog will increase the difficulty and raise your heart rate.

Hip thrusts at the couch

You do not need a workout bench to work out! Use a couch as your workout bench and do a round of hip thrusts.

Tips: Make sure that you create a 90-degree angle with your body at the top of your hip thrusts. Also, the couch’s edge should be right below your shoulder blades.

Use weights that you find around the house for arm workouts!

For seated shoulder presses or bicep curls, you can either use a set of dumbbells, or other items such as paperweights, books, cans of food or even laundry detergent bottles. Make sure that you challenge yourself with the weight of the item to promote progress.

Do HIIT workouts before your meals!

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is another great way to add cardio into your at-home workout. Here is a quick HIIT workout that you can do in your living room:

• Jumping jacks – 40 seconds, then 20 second rest

• Burpees – 40 seconds, then 20 second rest

• Mountain climbers – 40 seconds, then 20 second rest

• High knees – 40 seconds, then 20 second rest

• Jumping lunges – 40 seconds, then 20 second rest

• Crunches – 40 seconds, then 20 second rest