So many homeowners love to hang out in their patio and backyard spaces during the day, however, you can quickly see them rushing in once the sun sets.

Do not be one of these people and embrace these outdoor lighting ideas today. These ideas will transform your space in such a way that you will not care whether it is day or night.

You will finally enjoy all the advantages of having outdoor space and the best thing is you’ll be able to host grand celebrations outside.

Create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience with these transformational ideas:

1. Pool Lighting

Pool lighting is tricky as you want to maintain a safe swimming environment while still making your pool area a fun spot to hang out in. This is why it is recommended to add a couple of pool lighting features to make sure you have some choice on which features to use and when.

Since your pool area will be used for entertaining as well, it is best to add some fun lighting such as colorful RGB light strips underwater or even some flickering lights at the bottom of the pool.

These fun lights come in many options and can even sync with your outdoor music system to create the ultimate pool party experience. This can be the perfect setup for your housewarming party.

While fun lights are great for parties, you should also add some real lighting to your pool to help you see while swimming in the evening. Consider adding some extra bright lights near drains and jets to ensure safety.

Bright lights will help you see better underwater despite the light refraction in the water and can also help you clean the pool better.

2. Firepit And Barbecue Area

A common feature that many people have in their luxury homes is a firepit and barbeque area perfect for hosting and entertaining. 

However, they struggle with adding lighting to this area as too many lights can make this area too warm – especially with the fire adding to the heat.

Overhead lighting is the best option for this area but some lamp posts will also do the trick. To combat some of the warmth from the heat, try to find lamps that are temperature controlled. 

By using temperature-controlled bulbs and lamps, you will be able to set them according to the weather and the vibe. For example, if it is very cold outside and you have the fire pit going, you can surround yourself with more warmth coming from the lights.

However, with the barbecue running and the fire blazing, it might get too hot on a summer night so you can switch to a cold setting instead. 

This idea can jazz up your home and keep all areas useful throughout the year regardless of the weather and location. 

3. Pathway Illumination And Security

While most people add pathway lights to their driveway, that is usually where they stop. You should consult with your community’s building developer to see if they offer decorative street lighting on the streets leading up to your house similar to the ones they might have chosen to install around the community golf course or pool.

Pathway lighting makes a house look extremely high-end almost like a hotel entrance, and can be that extra oomph that you always wanted in the home of your dreams.

You should also think about adding a panel of light strips under staircases to further the luxury look as well as make your outdoor space easy to navigate. In this way, you will avoid any mishaps or accidents that may occur due to a missed step.

Not only are pathway lights decorative but they are also extremely helpful in securing the perimeter of your house. 

Having every area of your property sufficiently lit up can help decrease the security risks you face. Since the presence of lighting can often signal attention and surveillance, you and your property are less likely to be targeted by criminals that use the darkness to their advantage.

4. Greenery Accents

One of the easiest ways to add lighting to your outdoor space is by adding greenery accent lighting to your garden. Decorating with lights in such as way gives an organic and cozy feel to the entire space.

What this idea essentially means is you take smaller string lights and wrap them around bushes to create a striking contrast between the green of the bushes and the white or yellow lights.

What adds to the organic feel is when you do the same for trees. By adding lights in the same pattern as a tree’s branches or the way its leaves fall, you give the area a more laid-back appearance.

This can be a hard look to achieve as you want the greenery to be the centerpiece, not the lighting itself. You do not want to overdo the amount of lights you add too which is why small string lights are recommended for this approach.

This is also a pretty versatile way to illuminate a space thus, allowing you to use it in multiple spaces around the exterior of your house.

5. Asymmetrical Perfection

This might sound controversial but we recommend going for asymmetry when you are looking to transform your outdoor space with lighting as symmetry can quickly become boring and predictable.

If you are adding pathway lights, entertain the idea of adding lights in an alternating pattern instead of a straight line of lights on both sides.

Trying adding lights more sporadically to add a more organic feel rather than making everything uniform.


Adding different types of lighting fixtures and pieces can change the way your entire space feels. It can even change the vibes your home gives off. 

The better you decorate your outdoor space, the more inviting your place will look to guests and visitors. Your house will also photograph well allowing for a quick sale if you ever do decide to sell.

Transforming your outdoor space with lighting will make you fall in love with your home all over again.