As gas prices continue to rise across Arizona, many are looking at alternative modes of transportation to help ease the pain at the pump. Some are turning to public transportation to counter the rising gas prices. Many are transitioning to electric bicycles — or e-bikes — instead of using their cars for short trips around town.

At Pedego Electric Bikes in Scottsdale co-owner Bill Puryear said, there has been a surge in sales of electric bikes during the pandemic and now as gas prices continue rising.

“We’ve had people come in looking to purchase e-bikes because they are tired of paying such high prices at the pump,” Puryear said. “We even had one couple come in who sold their car and bought an e-bike because it was cheaper in the long run and the wife only needed to travel a couple of miles a day to work and back.”

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The sales of electric bikes are currently exceeding the records set during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. E-bikes are becoming more affordable and many bike shops offer e-bike rentals. Local and online stores have many options at different price points so there is a bike out there for any financial situation. Walmart is even selling e-bikes now.

The main thing people are noticing about e-bikes is how much money they will save over the lifetime of owning an e-bike. On average the $4.50 people are spending at the pump pays for enough electricity for an e-bike to travel 2,000 miles, roughly the distance from Phoenix to New York City. The current electric costs for charging an e-bike for a year average $21.17.

E-bike’s popularity and growth have surpassed traditional bikes from 2020 to 2021. With a 240 percent growth in sales over the last year, e-bikes are out selling road bikes. Many brands are beginning to offer cheaper styles of e-bikes creating an opening for more riders.

“There are many options to choose from when it comes to e-bikes,” Puryear said. “Folding bikes are more affordable and are great for going short distances. The standard models travel longer distances due to the larger batteries and then you have the top end that reach higher speeds and last even longer periods of time between charging.”

While gas prices continue rising more people are going to be looking for alternate forms of transportation. Electric bikes are a great option when traveling back and forth a few miles to work or the store. So, if you‘re looking to save money and get some exercise visit your local e-bike shop. See which style works for you, hit the road and wave to the people at the pumps when you zoom by.

Joey Hancock is a freelance writer for EBike Press a resource dedicated to electric bike enthusiasts. He resides in Tempe and graduated from Arizona State University.