Carstens Fine Art Studio & Gallery will present a special group exhibition titled “Perceptive Expressions” highlighting Cyndy Carstens, Lori Furcini, Lori Landis, Victoria Monize, Sandra Ortega, Dina Petruzzi, Jackie Rolanardi, and Kim Walker. This distinguished group of female artists regularly meets discussing ideas, critiquing, as well as art history focusing on artists of importance. The work showcased in this dynamic show highlights each artist, her unique style and original voice. This exhibition will debut during the weekly Scottsdale Art Walk from 6:30pm-9:00pm October 12 through October 27, 2017. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artists and enjoy light refreshments and hors d’oeuvres.

Lori Furcini is a Scottsdale based artist who has studied at Arizona State University and the Artist School in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. She has widely exhibited her work throughout Arizona and California and her work is subtly influenced by jazz as she was raised in New Orleans, preferring to work in abstraction with her paintings utilizing bright vivid colors. Lori Landis is a Scottsdale artist who began her art career later in life, she began studying art at the Des Moines Art Center in her early 50’s. Moving to Scottsdale in 1995, she began extensively exhibiting her artwork throughout the valley, as well as owning her own gallery.

Victoria Monize is a Scottsdale based artist working with oil paint. Her work focuses on extending unique perceptive of beauty, light and color resulting in what the she describes as the “essence of spirit in form.” Sandra Ortega a Phoenix based artist received a fine arts education from Fullerton College and Cal State Fullerton. She has extensively exhibited her work, is a board member of the Arizona Pastel Artists Association and has won numerous awards for her work through the years.

Dina Petruzzi is a Chandler based mixed media artist working in an intuitive expressive style. Her work centers on the Intuitive/Expressive process way of painting. She has also enjoyed an extensive career in the home furnishings industry as a designer and maker. Jackie Rolanardi studied drawing and painting in Chicago and at the Scottsdale Artist School. She holds a Masters in Education. Her work is infused with meditation and mindfulness practice resulting in her latest series “Living the Questions” inspired by poetry by Rainer Mari Rilke.

Kim Walker is a Phoenix based artist whose paintings examine how beauty and inspiration can be found in the natural environment. Additionally, the back of each painting features a poem, hand written by Kim, that complements the art with her wisdom and lessons about the significance of humanity’s relationship with our natural environment. Kim received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Painting from Arizona State University.

Cyndy Carstens creates amazing oil paintings exploring expansive spaces, moments of stillness and faith while reinventing portrayals of the southwestern landscape. Carstens uses a broad spectrum of colors blending realism and abstraction, resulting in beautiful and meditative artworks. Her paintings “bring one to focus and reflect on an awareness of ethereal atmospheres and intimate details of nature”, states Carstens. Carstens has exhibited her work extensively across the country and her work is represented at UGallery, of San Francisco, CA, as well as her own gallery. Cyndy has studied the arts at 4 universities including Arizona State University, 3 artist schools and purposes to be an eternal student. Carstens also shares her knowledge through workshops and art lessons.

The Carstens Fine Art Studio & Gallery is located at 7077 E. Main Street #5 in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, AZ. The gallery and studio are open daily. The exhibition may be viewed during business hours. For more information about Cyndy Carstens visit For all media inquiries or a private appointment to view the gallery please contact Artist and Owner, Cyndy Carstens by phone at (480) 946-3217 or by email at