National Snack Day on Friday, March 4th, and Gopuff — the go-to platform for instant delivery in as little as 15-30 minutes — did a deep dive into the snacking trends of America. And it turns out Phoenix is the Spiciest city in the whole country!

Gopuff took a look at the top 10 most purchased snack items in 14 markets across the United States. Based on those top indulgences, Gopuff gave each city a snack-worthy distinction. Phoenix earned the title of Spiciest with top favorites such as Cheetos Crunchy Flamin’ Hot Limon and Lay’s Flamin’ Hot Potato Chips.

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The full list of the Snackiest Cities is below.

Gopuff’s “Snackiest Cities”

• Austin – Sweetest

• Boston – Cheesiest

• Chicago – Saltiest

• Dallas – Jerkiest

• DC – Chewiest

• Denver – Healthiest

• Houston – Bougiest

• Los Angeles – Fruitiest

• Miami – Craziest

• New York – Crispiest

• Philadelphia – Crunchiest

• Phoenix – Spiciest

• San Francisco – Smoothest

• Seattle – Freshest