Swiping right and swiping left to look for someone to sleigh ride with this holiday season can be totally exhausting. But if you’re in the mood for love, Phoenix is definitely among the best cities in which to find love.

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Take a look at this survey of 1,300 Americans by Shiny Smile Veneers to see what singles in your area are looking for and what they’re avoiding both in person and on the apps.

Key Findings:

  • Phoenix ranks #9 for cities where it’s easiest to find someone with no red flags.
  • 48% of Phoenix residents report having been ghosted by someone they were seeing. 
  • In Phoenix, bad hygiene is the top deal breaker.
  • Phoenix singles consider the top first date red flag to be someone who is always on their phone. 
  • Phoenix ranks #1 for cities that consider drinking alcohol to be a dealbreaker.

In the world of dating, the quirks and qualities that make you who you are can sometimes be the deciding factors in whether a connection blossoms or fizzles out. Those little peculiarities and characteristics that can transform a promising spark into a fiery flame or a pile of ashes in the blink of an eye. 

Think about your smile, for example. While your smile holds the power to create an instant connection, if you have crooked teeth, it can also be someone’s deal breaker. From looks and hygiene to your personality and employment status, most people have varying degrees of deal breakers or red flags for relationships.

Dating deal breakers are just like they sound — non-negotiable qualities or behaviors that would end a relationship. On the other hand, dating red flags are warning signs that indicate potential issues but may not be an immediate deal breaker. With red flags, individuals typically proceed into the relationship with caution.

With these ideas in mind, we were curious to know more about American’s top deal breakers and red flags in dating. To find out, we surveyed 1,305 Americans in 25 of the biggest cities about their deal breakers and red flags in dating. 

Key takeaways 

  • Bad hygiene, being racist, and being self-absorbed are American’s biggest dating deal breakers.
  • The three biggest dating red flags are: doesn’t ask get-to-know-you questions, being constantly on their phone, and talking about their ex. 
  • Austin, San Antonio, and Detroit are the top cities where people get ghosted in relationships. 
  • Blank bios, photos with filters, and wedding photos are the biggest red flags on a dating profile.