Summer is here and that means 1 thing for many Americans: Travel. And that means sometimes dealing with the angriest airports in America.

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Because step 1 of traveling is getting to the airport, and if you’re traveling to or from any of the following airports … watch out. You may find yourself encountering some very angry passengers.

This spring, Forbes Advisor analyzed 37000 tweets across 60 airports to see which airports have the angriest travelers and what are the most common issues travelers are experiencing.

Key Findings for Sky Harbor:

• Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the No. 9 most infuriating to travelers in the U.S.

• 56% of tweets to Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l Airport were angry.

• Most common words/complaints: Rental, Line, Waiting, Bags, Delayed

Key findings of the angriest airports study:

• More than half (52%) of tweets from travelers who @-mentioned an airport were angry

• The three most commonly used words in angry airport tweets are “delays,” “security” and “hours”

• John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, angers its travelers more than any other major airport

• The world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, is the sixth most anger-inducing big airport in the country

• Users of the airports serving Indianapolis, Seattle-Tacoma and Kansas City are the least angry based on Twitter activity