Unreasonable and constant barking causes a lot of inconvenience to both owners and neighbors and even passers-by on the street. That is why the bark collar was invented. While we utilize companies like PetLab Co. to maintain your dog’s health. isn’t a bark collar dangerous for the psyche and health of the dog? First, let’s look at what types of anti-barking collars exist.

Types of bark collars

So you know that you want to try a barking collar on your dog, as they are easy to use and provide an immediate option which you can out into action right away as part of a behavioral training routine. There is so many different types of bark collars, so you should decide which device is actually the best one for your pet.

Ultrasonic collar

When a dog barks, an ultrasound is triggered which is audible to the dog and not audible to humans. These collars are not suitable for hearing impaired dogs. Also, the dog quickly gets used to ultrasound and stops responding to it. It is often chosen for small dogs.

Spray and gas collar

After the dog barks, the sensor is triggered and the collar releases a stream of hissing inert gas. Gas does not harm the dog’s health, it is more afraid of the hissing sound. Such a collar can be used only in the warm season.

Sound and vibration collar

When a dog barks, the device first emits a squeaky sound, and then begins to vibrate, which distracts the dog from barking. This collar is usually chosen by humane owners. The collar is suitable for small, medium and shy dogs.

Electrical collar

The most reliable but least humane bark collars. During barking, an electric discharge occurs. At low power it causes discomfort in the dog, at high power it hurts the dog. Not suitable for sensitive and fearful dogs.

Advantages and disadvantages of different bark collar types

The pluses include such items:

• A correctly selected device does not harm the health of the animal and the dog quickly weaned from barking for no reason.

• For some barking dogs, wearing a collar like this is the only way to stop unwanted behavior.

• The collar is easy to use.

Now let’s look at the disadvantages of the collar:

• The stress that an animal is experiencing can worsen its psychological state and lead to nervous breakdowns.

• False positives, especially frequent ones, disorient the dog – it ceases to understand what it is being punished for, becomes depressed or aggressive.

We have sorted out the main points regarding anti-barking collars, otherwise the choice is only yours.

We hope the article was helpful to you!