Healthy eating is a given when it comes to supporting and maintaining your body. Vitamins like omega-3 help support the body’s ability to function and thrive and can compensate for its inability to produce the vitamin itself. Fish and krill oil are popular sources of omega-3, but sometimes foods don’t do enough to meet the body’s needs; this is where omega-3 vitamins and supplements come in. With this addition to your diet, your body is in a better position to receive and absorb the necessary amount of omega-3 to sustain and support your entire being. Because not everyone consumes fish or animal products, there are excellent vegan omega 3 alternatives available that you can add to your routine that provide the same benefits as their counterparts. Keep reading to learn more about how vegan omega-3 can protect your body.

Omega-3 Wellness

From a holistic perspective, omega-3 is known to address many of the body’s essential functions for wellness’ sake. Whether it’s individual organ health or the stability of an entire system, omega-3 exists to help our bodies perform at their best and healthiest. And with continued use, omega-3 can provide you with a variety of health benefits. There are also a variety of vegan options to choose from to optimize your wellness while adhering to dietary restrictions. Here is how some of your body’s primary systems can benefit from omega-3:


Maintaining heart health is crucial at every stage of life. Fatty acids help to sustain and improve the heart, but the body could always use more assistance. With the addition of vegan omega-3, fatty acids are better supported in the body, making it easier to promote a healthy heart and arteries. This is also important for slowing the build-up of harmful substances in the arteries like plaque, cholesterol, and  calcium. Moreover, because omega-3 supports heart health as a whole, taking it is also a great way to lower blood pressure without turning to expensive prescriptions.


To ensure the brain continues to operate as it should, it is necessary to strengthen the brain’s “building blocks”: fatty acids. And what is omega-3? Fatty acid! Supporting the brain with fatty acids strengthens its ability to act at capacity and direct the body accordingly. Vegan omega-3 is known to assist the brain by preserving the cell membrane, improving cognitive function, and supporting blood flow. As the building blocks, omega-3 helps to sharpen your mood and prolong your brain’s health as you age by reducing the possibility of stroke and other medical emergencies.

Nervous System

The nervous system works nonstop to sustain communication throughout the entire body. It helps you interact with and react to the world to keep us as safe and secure as possible. Including a vegan omega-3 supplement to with your routine can help maintain the wellness of the nervous system by supporting nerve cell membranes. As the foundation of the nervous system, nerve cells must remain in optimal shape to ensure this system operates at its best. With strengthened cell membranes, the brain-body connection is also improved, leading to enhanced cognitive funtion and understanding.


When we were children, most of us were likely encouraged to drink our milk so we could grow up to be big and strong. This is to ensure kids get enough calcium in their diet as they grow, but calcium isn’t the only vitamin they need. Omega-3 adds support by increasing calcium absorption in the body, which enhances calcium in our bones. Because you’re older now, it is in the best interest of your joints to take in the necessary amount of calcium, which is much easier once you add a vegan omega-3 supplement to the picture.


Like the brain, the eye is made of tiny omega-3 DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) compounds that structure and sustain the entire eye. So, what better way to support your eye health than to add some omega-3? This addition can help enhance the eye’s oil film, improving the symptoms of dryness and reducing the need for artificial tears. Because omega-3 is the building block of the eyes, continued use can help reduce the deterioration of sight and other health concerns. Essentially, vegan omega-3 can help keep your eyes in peak shape.

Omega-3 Support

Your body needs as much support as possible, and omega-3 is a great way to provide assistance. No matter what age or stage of life you are in, this supplement can improve function in the heart, brain, joints, eyes, and other vital systems in the body. As an essential building block in many parts of the body, omega-3 works to support, strengthen, and sustain us so we can operate to the best our their ability. Don’t wait for your health to worsen before paying attention to your needs. Make your health a priority by giving your body something it truly needs: the endless benefits of omega-3, vegan and all.