…This royal throne of kings, this scepter’d isle, this earth of majesty, this seat of Mars…

Could anyone other than The Bard have opened a poem with such evocative prose? In England we are blessed with a majestic coastline, big skies and a green interior dotted with ancient hamlets, villages and towns many of which are centuries older than some countries of the world.

The only thing which really can put a damper on this imposing poem written about the grandeur of England is perhaps the weather. Notoriously unpredictable, so much so it is a national obsession. The weather is often used as an opening gambit in a conversation. It is the weather, among other criteria, which is perhaps the overriding factor why so many retirees who are able to do so choose to retire to warmer climes.

Cost of living 

The cost of living is commensurate to the wages and salaries which companies are able to afford to pay their employees. In southern European countries such as Spain, Italy, Malta and Portugal for example, the cost of living is so much lower. Retirees emigrating to warmer climes will be able to extend their pension income much further and achieve better value for money. Property in Spain, Malta and Portugal, the real cost is much lower than for similar sized property in the UK. 

If you are in a position where you could consider emigrating to southern Europe for your retirement years, your money will go much further. Also the home you choose, whether it is an apartment, townhouse or villa will cost markedly less. Suddenly, England may seem like a second choice location to retire.

Outdoor activities

If you have been a bit of an adventurous spirit and well in to adrenalin pumping sports such as surfing, hang gliding and other daredevil pastimes, you’ll have all the free time you need when you retire. Filling you day to enjoy those pastimes every day of the week if you want, you’ll perhaps wish retirement had come earlier. You could do any of these sports or pastimes in England, but wouldn’t great weather every day make them that little bit more enjoyable?

Big expat community

If you’re thinking of retiring abroad, the size and extent of the expat community will speak volumes. If there is a large expat community the chances are there is a god support network in place. It is also a sign that the locals are in the main OK with such an influx of foreign residents.

Language isn’t a problem

It would be challenging to reside in a country where people don’t speak your language. Every day would be a potential struggle. Learning a foreign language is much easier when you’re young; in retirement years, not so much. A country where English is widely spoken by the local people will help you settle much more quickly. It would also be easy for you to converse with the locals if you understand each other; not so many hand gestures required, and certainly much more civilised.

No visa issue

If you retire in another country, you will still have to process your visa application. You need to visit the immigration office regularly to renew your visa. Therefore, it would help if you choose a country where there’s a pathway to citizenship. If you’re looking for a straightforward option, Malta stands out in the crowd. Citizenship by investment in Malta is an option for expats. Basically, if you invest in the Maltese economy, say by buying real estate, the option to become a naturalised citizen is open.

Malta is a standout destination for expats choosing to move and live abroad, especially in their retirement years. With so many expats locating to Malta, there must be a lot going for this tiny jewel in the middle of the Mediterranean.