Many people confuse remodeling with redecorating. When you redecorate a room, you change its style through using removable items like throw pillows or curtains.

When you’re ready to remodel, you’re looking to make structural changes that permanently improve a room. Remodeling home bathrooms means adding practical as well as show stopping design elements.

Take a look at these remodeling tips if you’re planning bathroom model design.

Rethink Recessed Spaces

Recessed areas in a bathroom aren’t just for modern designs. Adding a recessed soap holder, for example, is a great way to maximize space in your shower.

Think of all the areas in your bathroom where a recessed enclave provides an extra place for storage. Laundry hampers, bathroom cleaning supplies or extra towels are all good candidates for a recessed space.

If you have low ceilings, consider recessed lighting to create a flat ceiling.

Use a Dimmer

Lighting in a bathroom can make or break the ambiance. Most people use bathrooms for at least three different tasks each day.

This means you need a variety of lighting options to light these various activities. There might be can lights over the toilet and shower and vanity strips over the sink.

No matter how you choose to arrange your bathroom lighting, a dimmer is a great option. Dimmers give you control over the brightness of your lighting so you can set the mood according to how you’re feeling that day.

Create a Spa

Home bathrooms are an oasis when designed correctly. Your bathroom design should incorporate some of the best tools to help you relax.

Think rainforest shower heads and plush towels. You can use both permanent and decorative features to showcase your personal style.

Get Input

Designing a shared bathroom is tricky. Multiple people using a space means you need to accommodate everyone’s habits while planning the room.

Ask your family for input on what features are important to them in the bathroom remodel. If this is the only bathroom in your home, also incorporate features that make guests feel comfortable.

Privacy is important with shared bathrooms. Add features like a toilet room and extra storage space so guests won’t see toiletries out on the countertops.

Run your design ideas by a professional like who can offer tips on how to seamlessly blend everyone’s design ideas into one cohesive plan.

Add a Contingency

Your bathroom remodeling budget is only a starting point. There will be unexpected setbacks and costs that threaten to derail your remodeling project.

Make sure you have a 20 percent contingency added to the budget to account for any challenges. Setbacks don’t include wanting more expensive tile.

Save your contingency funds for major safety or structural concerns.

Remodeling Home Bathrooms

Home bathrooms aren’t the place to get experimental with floor plans. Focus on a layout that works based on how you typically use the space.

When planned correctly, your bathroom will transform into an oasis the entire family can enjoy. For more information and tips, visit our website for updates.