Living in an age where social media rules can be challenging for your wallet. Stepping out in style wearing branded fashion that is eye-catching and appealing reflects on your personal status. If you attend formal events and frequently socialize, looking your best is essential to make a statement. But, investing in expensive apparel can put quite a strain on your budget, not to mention closet space. Hiring dresses vs. buying them is a more practical option. And, saving on the costs is just one reason.

Youll Always Have Access to High-End Couture. 

Purchasing top luxury brands can make a serious dent in your bank balance. But what if you could hire dresses online and rent the couture you want instead of buying it outright? You can check catalogs online and pick out dresses and gowns appropriate for all occasions, formal, semi-formal, casual, or business. Then, get them delivered to your doorstep altered to fit your size perfectly. The consultants taking your order will also assist you with advice on how to pick fashion for day wear or evening wear like, for instance, a light luncheon date or a wedding reception. You can also hire matching shoes, bags, and jewelry.

Youll Lower the Carbon Footprint.

It will interest you to know that the global textile industry contributes to 10% of the carbon emissions that translate into 1.2 billion tonnes of C02 created and released into the air. Further, 20% of global wastewater is generated during processing fabrics and fibers. Manufacturers use 100-150 liters of water for producing 1kg of textiles. Considering this significant investment of the earths resources, discarding a single outfit after wearing it just a few times is an appalling waste. All of this can be easily avoided by hiring dresses instead of buying them. 

Youll Save on Dry Cleaning and Maintenance.

When you live in an urban environment, closet space is always a huge issue. Investing in luxury clothing comes with the added cost of expensive dry cleaning services. Youll also store each piece of couture carefully to keep it protected from damage because of mold, mildew, and moisture. These hassles can be eliminated by simply returning the apparel once youre done with it. 

Heres another factor. Living in a city or town with extreme weather conditions may need different wardrobes for summer and winter. The option of hiring dresses helps you avoid having to buy and care for all that clothing. Even so, do remember to wear the dresses carefully and protect them from any accidental tears, rips, and food and beverage spills. Also, wear the outfits with discretion, so you dont have to pay added charges for their repairs.

Given a choice between hiring dresses vs. buying them, more urban fashionistas now prefer to rent the couture, wear it for the event, and return it later. Of course, youll only pay the rental charges that will cost you far less than the price of a new outfit. Or wardrobe maintenance expenses. Your wallet and the earth will thank you for it!