Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix celebrated their 70th Anniversary in September, recognizing the history and future of the resort. Their enchanting grounds and personalized service have attracted locals and travelers across the country to the historical landmark, and recent renovations in 2017 preserve the resort’s distinct history and character.

Since Florence and Delos Cooke built what is now the Royal Palms as their home in 1929, the resort continually invites visitors to a stay like no other in the valley. The luxurious resort immerses guests through top-notch dining, accommodations with distinct style, and resort activities surrounded by a lush environment teeming with history.

“Our picturesque setting invites guests to walk in the footsteps of history, celebrities, and presidents,” said Geoff Gray, general manager of Royal Palms Resort and Spa.

The resort’s Spanish Colonial-inspired design with Mediterranean touches transports guests through winding stone paths, fountains in courtyards, outdoor fireplaces, 100-year-old rustic doorways and hand-painted tiles, and abundant flowers reside in flourishing gardens. Guests and visitors are treated to an expanse of beautiful scenery including acres of citrus trees.

“With care and commitment to each other, our guests and our community, I hope the Royal Palms continues to host the most significant milestones in our guest’s lives. In another 70 years, we’ll be celebrating decades of new stories and an enduring tradition of lasting memories,” said Gray.