We’re always looking for that one thing that will help our bar reach the next level, to pull in more guests, provide even better service, and ever finer products. The difficulty is, when you’ve been doing well over a long period of time, it can be difficult to find ways to continue to improve. The bar scene is always changing, though, and there are always ways you can make slight improvements to your business that will make a tangible difference to your guests. It’s a competitive world out there in the bar industry, so often, if you stand still, you can lose out.

Make sure you’re always moving in the right direction with these four ways to take your bar to the next level.

Invest in Your Staff

Your staff are the people who are going to help you carry out your goals, so it makes sense to invest in them. Equipping your staff with new skills means there’s more your bar can offer your guests, and the better their experience is going to be. Hospitality has a huge problem with staff turnover rates, and yes, when you invest in your staff, you do risk them leaving further down the line; but, if you show them that you care about their development, then they’re more likely to stay with you and develop with your bar.

Have the Right Equipment

It seems simple, but it’s the easiest way to hold your bar back – by not having the right equipment (or it not working). It can be tempting to work with faulty equipment, but it’s just going to hamper your service, and in the long run, you’re going to have to replace it anyway. Make sure you’ve got all the equipment you need from a professional supplier such as fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk and allow your team to work without limitations.

Focus on the Experience

Hospitality is about creating an experience for your guests from the moment they walk in the door, all the way up until they have left your establishment. You need to be able to do the basics well, but not just on the bar. Pay attention to the small details away from the bar, as well as behind the bar, such as greeting guests on arrival, lighting, music, and making sure service is snappy and enthusiastic.

Revamp Your Marketing

Marketing is a great way to set the expectations of your guests and get your ideal customers walking through the door. The best way to find these ideal customers is by advertising in the spaces they “hangout.” For instance, if that’s on Facebook, then advertise on Facebook, or if that’s in the train station across the road, then get a billboard at the train station. When your customer walks in, you want their expectations to be aligned with what you offer. If you’re a cocktail bar with a passion for gin, then you want gin and cocktail lovers, so go out and get them! Be targeted with your advertising and get the clients you’re most likely to please.