Chompie’s and JRI Hospitality announced the much-anticipated arrival of the new Chompie’s Deli, Bakery and Restaurant set to open its doors at 3212 East Cactus Road this summer. About a mile from the Borenstein family’s original restaurant Chompie’s Bagel Factory, which opened in 1979 at 32nd Street and Shea Boulevard, the new location promises residents and neighboring businesses 27,000-square-feet of vibrant New York experiences, right in the heart of Phoenix. 

“We all are extremely excited to bring Chompie’s back to its old stomping grounds and to be a part of the revitalization of the area,” says Mark Borenstein, co-founder and owner. “We’re so humbled by the support of our loyal customers and proud of everything the Chompie’s brand has come to represent for so many —  a great meal anytime, a feast for the holidays, a dozen bagels to bring to the office, a beautiful cake for a celebration, or just a really good cup of coffee or a Bloody Mary to enjoy while catching up with a longtime friend. We intend to be part of our customers’ best memories for years to come.” In order to do just that, Chompie’s recently welcomed JRI Hospitality as an investment partner in the brand, allowing its legacy to continue. 

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“It’s an honor for us to partner with the Borenstein family to help Chompie’s grow and develop well into the future,” says Jason Ingermanson, CEO and president of JRI. “This partnership allows the family to remain an integral part of the restaurants’ day-to-day operations while we explore opportunities to further expand the brand that they’ve worked so hard to build to what is it today.” 

Together, the concept of the new Chompie’s was envisioned with the intent to bring diners back to the Big Apple not only through the restaurant’s East Coast traditional deli-style offerings, but also via surroundings that summon the energy and ambiance of the city that never sleeps. 

Designed by Sargenti Architects in collaboration with Sixty First Place Architects, the customer experience begins in the New York-style market — featuring fresh-baked bagels, breads and pastries as well as merchandise — and continues on to the barista bar, (where Chompie’s will be brewing their own coffee and offering a complete line of cold brew, specialty espresso drinks and frozen coffee drinks), deli, and bakery counters set amid a backdrop of iconic subway tiles and traditional brick. 

The bakery serves as the hub where the bulk of pastry, bakery, Kosher production and packaging for all Chompie’s fresh baked daily items will be produced. Spearheaded by Neal Borenstein, co-founder and owner, the brand’s bakery division has expanded greatly to include a wide array of gluten-free friendly and keto-friendly baked goods for more inclusion on the menu and throughout all of Chompie’s offerings, including an online component that ships these high-demand bakery items all over the country. 

After leaving the bakery, diners can then enter the restaurant itself, via an alleyway created by standalone building front and center of the market, and will be met with all the glamour and glitz of New York City. Featuring an inviting indoor/outdoor bar with flat screen TVs and an impressive bottle display symbolizing the buildings of New York and the iconic Times Square Ball. The bar and surrounding seating then gives way to a large dining room boasting beautiful murals depicting scenes of New York and Broadway, original Broadway posters and the New York skyline. Private dining rooms nestled between the bar and coffee roastery offer diners additional elegant yet casual and comfortable seating options, while the expansive patio portraying New York’s Central Park — filled with trees, greenery, sparkling lights and an assortment of seating including dining tables, community tables, and lounge seating — invites guests to gather, relax and stay awhile. 

The new Chompie’s Deli, Bakery and Restaurant takes the place of the neighborhood’s Paradise Valley Mall location, which will be the last remaining tenant of the center. Until it officially closes on Monday, May 17, the restaurant will have its own separate entrance from the exterior of the mall. During its last week, from Sunday, May 9 through Monday, May 17 Chompie’s pays homage to this longtime location, its patrons, and restaurant matriarch Lovey Borenstein with a weeklong “Love for Lovey” celebration featuring a variety of specials. 

As the new location gears up for its grand opening, celebrations are set to include fundraisers and events designed to welcome the community and benefit local non-profits with activities and specials. Details will be announced as opening day draws nearer. For more information about all Chompie’s locations, visit