Asian food lovers, ramen noodle slurpers and anyone else interested deliciousness that you won’t find anywhere else should check out Clever Koi’s new menu.

It may still be winter, but here in the Valley of the Sun, the flowers are blooming, the weather is warming and spring is in the air. So it’s the perfect time for Clever Koi to roll out its new seasonal menu brimming with exotic Asian flavors and house-made sauces and marinades, combined with the finest, locally-sourced and farm-fresh ingredients.

“This new menu really represents the culmination of everything we learned since opening Clever Koi two years ago,” says Jared Porter, chef and owner. “We’ve kept all the favorites, but also expanded our selection of small plates, noodles, dumplings and steamed buns to include some unique new flavors. In other words, now that people are familiar with the food, we wanted to up our game by offering them recognizable dishes, but with all-new ingredients or even common ingredients that are prepared in a way they’ve never seen before.”

Take the humble vegetable, for example. Most restaurants’ these days are obsessed with showing off their commitment to simplicity, say, by simply steaming a fresh-plucked carrot to preserve its honest flavor. However, at Clever Koi, the veggies have to stand up to the bold Asian spices and fiery cooking methods. So here the humble beet is cooked char sui (or open-flame fork roasted) to open up the naturally sweet, earthy flavors, then it’s topped with silky smooth miso-celery puree and crunchy peanuts. And oh-by-the-way, all of that are just the sides for the new Peking Duck Croquettes small plate dish. All new menu items are listed below, including additional standouts such as the Tuna Chips and Ahi Crudo with Wasabi Guacamole; Pig Face Dumplings paired with kimchee, house-made Sriracha and house-picked peppers; crave-able Duck Curry Noodles; zesty Lemon Pepper Ramen; and the to-die-for Banana Fritters dessert.

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