After a busy, stressful and life changing year in 2010, I decided to have a new outlook for 2011. I, along with probably 95% of the American population, decided that my New Year’s resolution would be to eat healthier. So, I took the initiative to research and visit local coffee shops and cafes in the Valley that offer a healthy lifestyle…and a green attitude.

The three main characteristics I look for in a cafe include the following:

  • organic or local products used,
  • variety in product,
  • and a friendly atmosphere.


I look for organic or local products in the cafe because not only is the food fresh and healthy for you, but we also live in a state where a majority of vegetables and fruit are harvested!

Second, I look for cafes with a variety of products because I change my cravings as often as a college student changes his or her

Lastly, I look for a friendly atmosphere because there is nothing worse than loving a cafe, but the employees are rude. Who wants to start a morning like that?


Thus, below lists my top five coffee shops or cafes I have found in Phoenix, Ariz. that support “going green”:



Bunna Coffee & Tea

Bunna is an independent cafe specializing in organic & fair trade products. No words can describe how much I love this place. Their prices are very reasonable, the staff is very attentive, and their food is cooked well — almost to perfection.

7520 S. Rural Rd.
Tempe, AZ 85283
(480) 377-2886

Coffee, Flickr, Greg Burkett


Pomegranate Cafe

Pomegranate Cafe’s philosophy is to revitalize food and pure flavors, and that is exactly what they do. Their food is fresh, rich and very satisfying. Also, the presentation of the food is beautiful. I didn’t even want to start eating my food because I didn’t want to ruin the art. (I eventually did because it was way too good to pass up!) Every meal uses organic ingredients with an emphasis on seasonal fruits and vegetables. Thus, they create a changing menu each season.

4025 E. Chandler Blvd., Suite 28
Phoenix, AZ 85048
(480) 706-7472

pomegranate, Flickr, JOE MARINARO


Cartel Coffee Lab

Cartel Coffee Lab believes in “uncompromising quality, extreme simplicity, global consciousness, and local community.” Just reading that caught my attention. However, Cartel Coffee Lab and its coffee is a unique & awakening experience due to the unique smell of its coffee from Guatemala. The art also provides a “green” experience; their decor is comprised entirely of recycled art.

225 W. University Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 225-3899

cartel coffee lab, Flickr, whereduck


Gold Bar Espresso

Gold Bar Espresso specializes in the quality of its products — using the organic Allann Bros. Coffee and Tea. Gold Bar has a huge variety of products ranging from coffee to unique mixtures of tea. With coffee, free wireless Internet, games and live music, Gold Bar Espresso is a great place to hang out.

3141 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282
(480) 839-3082

coffee and tea, Flickr, kshgarg


Urban Beans

Urban Beans supports the local community by serving pastries from local pastry chefs, bakeries and businesses. The environment is calm, soothing and warm with vintage chairs and large tables at which to work. Their tea is refreshing for a hot day, and their pastries (such as wheat-free snicker doodles and apple fritters) are to die for!

3508 N. 7th Street, Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 595-2244

coffee, Flickr, lu_lu