Sam Fox is at it again, bringing craveable new eats to the Central Phoenix neighborhood with his newest creation, Fly Bye, serving up his personal favorite Detroit-style square pan pizza and crispy chicken. Because whoever said being square is a bad thing?

Fly Bye brings the fun with creative flavors, decadent sauces, and twists on our favorite, downright tasty comfort foods. With
uncertainty everywhere you turn, there is one thing you can be always be certain about – pizza and chicken are freaking delicious.

Fly Bye keeps it crispy with buttermilk dipped, hand breaded, wonder fully crunchy chicken tenders (so you can stop pretending that kid’s meal isn’t for you). Want it tossed in spicy buffalo or  the signature “poppin Asian” sauce? They’ve got you. Want to dunk it in Culinary Dropout’s famous cheese fondue? Fly Bye that, too, and it’s just one of 10 savory house made dipping sauces.

Stop waiting in line at those “fast” food drive-thru chains and get something the whole family can enjoy. And don’t forget about the wings … they cook them slow, but you get them fast. If all this doesn’t have your mouth watering yet, wait until you get a load of Fly Bye’s soon-to-be-famous mozzarella sticks. These cheesy, stretchy, yummy snacks are what dreams, and epic boomerangs, are made of.

It really is not easy being this cheesy. We haven’t even started telling you about Fly Bye’s Detroit-style pan pizza, which has been Fox’s labor of love for quite some time. He’s been determined to bring FRC’s loyal guests this heavenly, cheesy, doughy goodness, and what better time than now?

“We spent a lot of time getting the dough just right,” Fox says, “When you bite into this pizza the crust is airy, the center is cheesy, and the edges are perfectly crunchy. And then the toppings… you need to get those just right too, like those quintessential pepperoni cups that crisp up in the oven. I really can’t get enough of this stuff. It is so damn good; you’ve just got to tr y it and see for yourself!”

Specializing in takeout, Fly Bye is just what we need right now. A digital birthday party, your 197th day of quarantine, a hectic day of working from home, a socially distanced front yard picnic… Fly Bye’s saucy flavor magic pairs well with everything. Curb all your cravings with curbside pick-up, or get pizza and chicken delivered without leaving the couch with contact-free deliver y straight to your door.

Fly Bye is located at The Yard on 7th Street. It opened December 9th.