The vegan lifestyle has had a rise in popularity in recent years for health, environmental and moral reasons. The rise of plant-based meals and vegan restaurants in Arizona has created an ever-changing environment where you no longer have to worry about sacrificing flavor and comfort food to eat sustainably.

The vegan lifestyle calls for people to abstain from using or consuming any animal products including milk, eggs and even honey in some cases. If you’re interested in turning vegan or just want to grab a plant-based alternative to your favorite comfort foods these are 10 vegan restaurants in Arizona you need to try.

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GuacStar Kitchen & Cantina

You may have seen this place trending on social media, but it’s worth all the buzz it gets. GuacStar is a great place to get Mexican comfort foods with a menu that is entirely plant-based. While you’re here try some of their signature cocktails and brews. Every cocktail comes with a special buzz button garnish that adds an electric and fresh taste to every sip.

Green New American Vegetarian

This restaurant sources organic and non-GMO ingredients when possible. Their menu features vegan burgers, rice bowls, salads, and so much more. The walls are decorated with art from local artists and are constantly changing to feature new aspiring artists.


If you’re looking for a vegan friendly brunch and dessert spot look no further than Nami. They specialize in an assortment of vegan-friendly soft serve. During breakfast and brunch hours they serve warm vegan meals like quiche and buffalo wings. Nami boasts a vegan friendly bakery and serve warm cookies, donuts and pastries that are all made in-house. The packaging is also biodegradable right down to the spoons and forks.

The Coronado PHX

This restaurant serves vegan Mexican food with a menu ranging from mushroom asada tacos to elotes and even burgers. They have vegan crema, mayo and even bread options. This restaurant does offer a few vegetarian-friendly options that contain dairy, but these can all be made vegan upon request. The Coronado PHX also has a full bar stocked with locally sourced beer, wine and cocktails.

Loving Hut

Support this small Asian owned business right here in Arizona. This restaurant has plenty of gluten-free and soy-free options that should accommodate for most dietary restrictions. You can purchase all of the vegan proteins and seasonings that they use in-house at every location so you can try cooking vegan meals at home. All ingredients are do not contain MSG and are organic and non-GMO when possible. Their packaging is eco-friendly and is made of recycled materials, compostable, biodegradable, or a combination of all three.

Trash Panda Vegan Truck

After the onset of COVID-19, this restaurant converted itself into a food truck, but don’t worry they can always be found in the same place. Support this small black owned comfort food truck in Phoenix. Trash Panda serves food that is locally sourced and often grown organically by the owner. Be sure to try their plant-based mac-and-cheese and sloppy joes.

Red Curry Vegan Kitchen

Located in Flagstaff, Red Curry Vegan Kitchen is one of the few 100% vegan restaurants in Northern Arizona. Their menu has authentic Thai food that is fully vegan. The food is cooked and served fresh in-house and boasts authentic flavors and spices that aren’t lost without the meat or dairy.

Desert Roots Kitchen

If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast place to try you should visit Desert Roots Kitchen. This restaurant has plenty of gluten-free and allergen-free options that should accommodate for most dietary restrictions. Be sure to start your day with on of their stuffed breakfast burritos, sandwiches, bagels and so much more.

Vegan House

This restaurant specializes in Asian fusion dishes that use authentic spice mixes and vegan-friendly ingredients that create healthy and flavorful dishes. They use vegan alternatives to the meat and seafood that would traditionally go in these dishes, which are supposed to resemble the non-vegan versions very closely, so you lose none of the flavor.

24 Carrots Natural Café

They specialize in botanically inspired food that draws influence from countries around the world. They boast a wide collection of pastries, juices, and smoothies to go along-side their fully vegan menu. 24 Carrots Natural Café also has a full coffee and tea bar stocked with locally sourced and in-house blends.