Building on the success of Classic Cooking Academy, a husband-and-wife team aim to continue their momentum with La Pizzetta located in the heart of the McDowell Mountain Ranch community at Desert Canyon.

La Pizzetta, is a restaurant specializing in wood-fired pizzas, opened this month under the culinary talents of Pascal and Donna Dionot. Pascal has more than 30 years of experience in hotel and restaurant management and culinary education. His distinguished background includes executive chef positions at several notable Washington D.C. fine restaurants. Donna manages the business side with a background as an accountant.

The Dionots have experienced much success from their praised Classic Cooking Academy, an academy that teaches traditional and contemporary food concepts with fresh produce, dietary foundations and practical skills. Building on the success of Classic Cooking Academy, the pair decided to expand their ventures into a restaurant that celebrates classic pizzas.

Pascal“Together, we are able to do what we love most – make people happy through the power of cooking,” said Pascal. “Making a perfectly crafted pizza is an art form, and we’re happy to share our interpretations of this classic dish with the public.”

La Pizzetta opened its doors – a quaint 1,500 square feet – in North Scottsdale at the beginning of April. Although there are other menu items, pizza is the focus at La Pizzetta. Eight specialty pizzas, from Alla Salsiccia to Pizza Bianca, are sure to satisfy all tastes. A light menu of salads, appetizers and desserts complements the pizza offerings.