We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort features plenty of gaming and entertainment to provide a worthwhile experience for anyone who visits; however, you have not gotten the full experience until you have dined at one of the many eateries on the grounds. From fine dining cuisine to delicious on-the-go options, We-Ko-Pa offers a little something for everyone.

Ember Fine Dining

Ember is without-a-doubt the jewel of the entire resort. The restaurant is led by general manager Brent Rumph and world-renowned chef Richard Pelz, who is French-trained and has cooked at multiple Michelin three-star restaurants. This fine dining establishment features an open concept that overlooks the all-scratch kitchen with views of the culinary team as they prepare your mouth-watering masterpiece. In fact, each protein is prepared over a custom wood burning grill using mesquite wood found from local trees in the area.

In addition, one of three stocked wine cellars is located in the middle of the dining space enclosed in glass to allow guests to view a portion of the more than 500 bottles of wine offered on the menu. The wine program actually covers 17 different countries, focusing on each nation’s top wine-producing regions and most highly acclaimed vineyards. The menu even includes a specialty page entitled, “The Century Club,” which contains 32 critically acclaimed wines that have scored a perfect 100 points.

The Ujih Hot Stone is Ember’s signature appetizer. “Ujih” is the Yavapai word for Ember, so it makes sense that they tied it to such a magnificent dish. It is your choice of Wagyu beef or Pacific Ahi tuna prepared on a 900-degree hot stone right in front of guests. And let me tell you, it is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Ember’s signature dessert is a flaming liquid chocolate truffle that is made up of citrus-infused cognac-toasted brioche pudding with vanilla bean marshmallow. Similar to the hot stone, this dessert is prepared tableside. As the sauce is lit on fire and poured over the dessert, the chocolate begins to melt over the top of the brioche bread pudding, creating a delightful combination of flavors.

WKP Sports & Entertainment

When you step foot into WKP Sports and Entertainment, you’re instantly transported into a sports lover’s paradise. There are flat screen TVs everywhere and even a jumbotron-esque screen display hovering above the dining area. Sports memorabilia is scattered on the walls throughout the entire bar, and they even do weekly raffles that are free to enter, where you could win signed memorabilia items.

Surprisingly, none of that was the star of this establishment. In fact, you might be intrigued to hear that the food was the best part. Yes, the food at a sports bar. From the IPA garlic cheddar fondue served with parmesan soft pretzel sticks to the funnel cake fries served with a maple pecan bacon syrup, this is not your average sports bar menu.

Ahnala Mesquite Room

Located near the hotel lobby, Ahnala Mesquite Room is a quaint restaurant that is perfect for a quiet breakfast after a long night in the casino. With that being said, it is also open for lunch and dinner and specializes in All-American food. If you’re beginning to notice the trend of these establishments, Ahnala does not feature your run-of-the-mill menu items. Instead, you’ll see playful renditions of traditional American foods, such as the PB&J stuffed French toast composed of cinnamon swirl Texas toast filled with peanut butter cream cheese and smashed berries and topped with whipped cream and syrup.

The Buffet (Temporarily Closed)

Unfortunately, like many casinos throughout the country, We-Ko-Pa’s hot new ticket is a casualty of the Covid-ridden world we are currently living in. With that being said, once we can return to some semblance of regular life, The Buffet will be a must-have dining option in the Valley. Like Ember, this restaurant features an open cooking concept, where guests can watch their food prepared right in front of them. Additional food stations include brick oven pizzas prepared in a modern 900-degree oven, authentic Asian cuisine including pho and sushi, a “smoothie of the day” station and a gelato bar, to name a few.

The Market

Last but not least, The Market is a WKP play on fast food for anyone that’s looking for some late-night options while hitting the blackjack tables. It is a 24-hour, quick-serve restaurant that offers specialty breakfast, lunch and dinner items, including their signature rotisserie chicken that can always be seen roasting in the window behind the register.