Lake Havasu, the self-proclaimed “Watercraft Capital of the World,” is located on the Colorado River’s reservoir on the border of California and Arizona. For 450 miles, it marks the Lake Havasu City shoreline.

It was formed in 1938 after the completion of the Parker Dam, the world’s deepest dam, and stretches over 45 miles long.

Robert P. McCulloch, founder of Lake Havasu City, was the brains behind the London Bridge transfer from London, England to Arizona.  In 1968, it was discovered that the bridge was falling down in its original location on the Thames River in England; McCulloch acted quickly and purchased it for nearly $2.5 million and successfully dissembled, transported and rebuilt it piece by piece, in approximately three years’ time, marking its completion in 1971.

Today, Lake Havasu is a popular tourist attraction with many shops and restaurants, as well as Lake Havasu’s main visitor center — providing a perfect view of all the boats assembled in the water at any given time.

Just about any kind of boat can be found on the river, particularly during spring break when thousands of college and non-college students alike flock to Lake Havasu, a premier spring break destination. In fact, it was rated the No. 5 spring break destination in the world by Entertainment Television and the Travel Channel in 2011.

But people don’t stop visiting after spring break is over; approximately 3.5 million visitors are attracted year-round. With all of the recreational activities at their disposal, it’s no wonder.

Lake Havasu is popular for its beautiful, clear waters, but it is what one can do in the waters that attracts many people, including water sports such as swimming, kayaking, water skiing, jet skiing, fishing and sailing. Its 45-mile-stretch makes it ideal for many water sport competitions like sailing, water skiing and jet-skiing among others. There is also a bass tournament on most weekends.

Lake Havasu is also the leader in lighthouse count with over 15, and more in the process of being built.

Whether you’re into wild partying during spring break, water sports or fishing, Lake Havasu is suited to meet the tastes of people of all likes and ages.


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