RA sushi rolled out its summer menu, which offers a little twist on many traditional Japanese staples.

Edamame wontons
Edamame wontons

The summer menu, offered through September, gets started with a great edamame wonton appetizer. This offers a great spin on a RA favorite, the edamame dip. The lightly fried wontons are filled with a creamy edamame cheese mix.  These light, but taste-filled wontons offer a little bit of spice without spoiling your tastebuds for the rest of the meal.

Four new crisp summer salads are among the newest additions to the summer menu. Sushi and salad merge to form Japanese cuisine bliss with the sashimi salad, which includes tuna, yellowtail, salmon and shrimp sashimi with mixed greens, seaweed, cucumber, avocado, lo bok, poke dressing and is topped with sesame seeds, wonton chips and sliced red pepper. The restaurant tosses together other great takes on Japanese cuisine with the Asian chicken salad, the grilled shrimp and pineapple salad, and the dill salmon and cucumber salad.

RA Sushi - SashimiSalad

Signature rolls with RA’s classic Japanese fusion accompany the salads for a new summer delight. The menu offers three hand rolls each wrapped in lo bok and soy papers and served with rice as well as romaine lettuce. The spicy tuna hand roll and the chili ponzu yellowtail hand roll are both filled with the perfect balance of fresh vegetables and fish giving the rolls a light summer blend.  A shrimp tempura roll comprised of kani kama crab mix, tuna mix, creamy wasabi sauce, avocado, cucumber, and of course shrimp tempura, is among the exquisite hand rolls.


The menu also offers four other rolls, including the seared dill salmon roll, which includes cucumber, avocado, arugula rolled and topped with seared salmon, lemon, and truffle salt.  This roll gives a great twist on the traditional salmon roll and offers a nice vegetable flavor from the dill that works perfectly with the salmon.  Summer at RA also includes a chili shrimp roll, lobster salmon roll and shrimp calamari tempura roll.