Resorts Look To Join The Green Travel Revolution

Restaurants | 11 Sep, 2012 |

Being eco-conscious for your next getaway? The green travel trend is gaining momentum. Today’s travelers looking for guilt-free getaways are finding more options as resorts and other tourist-related businesses go green.

Think incentives for employees who carpool, eco-friendly kitchens and recycling programs for guests and employees. Many resorts have already begun to join the “go green” revolution. As more resorts embrace these new initiatives, it will increasingly play a role in hotel business from a consumer as well as management standpoint.

At Harrah’s Ak-Chin, in Maricopa, Ariz., green practices have been adopted through multiple programs and incentives over the years. Harrah’s HERO’s, the resort’s employee volunteer group, and CodeGreen, Caesar’s international environmental sustainability initiative that focuses on renewable energy, reduction of carbon emissions and water consumption, have allowed the Harrah’s Ak-Chin resort to make a commitment to the environment and sustainability and create a green image.

With the green travel trend popping up in resorts everywhere, here are some green initiatives guaranteed to deliver eco-conscious travelers a guilt-free stay:


Sustainable Cuisine

Resort guests want and need to eat. With more resorts jumping on the green bandwagon, in-house restaurants are switching up their menus. No more flown-in ingredients. Today’s chefs are getting creative using fresh ingredients grown by local food farmers. Taking it one step further, some resort restaurants are growing and using their own fruits and vegetables in resort gardens.

Green Team

Resorts aren’t the only ones going green; its staff and guests are, too. Incorporating the benefits of green efforts into the hotel operations helps foster a green image. Staff can continue to train on benefits and reasons for eco-friendly operations and help reduce consumption and waste. Through Harrah’s HERO’s program, resort staff can volunteer and work to improve the community through initiatives and eco-awareness. But they aren’t the only ones — guests can engage in green activities by assisting in demonstrations on how to use new technology and will receive awards when participating.

It’s Electric

Out-of-town, eco-friendly visitors and local travelers now have more fueling options for their electric vehicles. Charging stations provide the option for guests to plug in and plug out when they need to. Not only does this new addition support sustainability practices, but it also helps resorts in their conservation efforts.

Eco-Friendly Features

Renew, reuse, and recycle. That’s the motto of many resorts that are transforming their amenities by using recycled, renewable materials. From carpet and bathroom tiles, utilizing solar power to help conserve energy and having large windows to let natural light come in to the rooms, resorts are being both environmental-friendly and cost-effective. In Harrah’s new resort tower, the new thermostat technology automatically resets the thermostat to a set temperature to conserve energy once guests leave the room. The resort also emphasizes recycling, offering front-of-house recycling for guests with four bins on the casino floor and two large wall displays to show various Harrah’s Ak-Chin recycle facts and energy tips.

Conservation in its many forms is here to stay. The green revolution has resorts everywhere adopting changes to align with the eco-conscious traveler. As the trend continues to invade the industry and travelers become more increasingly aware of environmental concerns, more resorts will create programs and initiatives to help their staff and employees adapt and cater to the environment needs.

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