Review: Artizen creates a must-try dining experience

Lifestyle | 18 Sep, 2019 |

Don’t let the fact that it’s in a hotel stop you.

Artizen Crafted American Kitchen & Bar, which is located in The Camby, serves some of Phoenix’s most delicious dishes with some of the most beautiful presentations.

Artizen — with its a chic, contemporary atmosphere — has evolved into a Biltmore neighborhood gathering place. The restaurant serves chef-driven American culinary creations sourced from the area’s best local producers and seasonal regional ingredients. Artizen’s kitchen showcases the craftsmanship of its chefs in rustic, yet sophisticated, food that is presented in a way that lets diners choose between an array of snack-size, small and medium-size plates. Lucky for you, this allows diners to enjoy multiple tastes of the regionally inspired menu.

But it’s not just the food that separates Artizen from the pack. A modern cocktail bar reaches back to true classic cocktails and provides authentic, yet innovative, interpretations with its drink menu. A foundation of regional and premium spirits, artisan bitters and tinctures with refined and entertaining mixology skills create an intriguing and inviting space.

But did we mention the food? One word: Amazing. From the flatbread to the sticky ribs to the cauliflower salad, the “snack” menu doesn’t have a weak entry and most would be content to fill themselves with the robust flavors that define the eclectic starter menu. Some cannot-miss options:

• Artizen’s cornbread ($8) is the bomb dot com. Using Hayden Flour Mill’s cornmeal, Artisan incorporates honeycomb — a highly overlooked ingredient — and utilizes smoked pistachio butter and maldon to create such a unique and flavorful cornbread that it’s a requisite starter for any trip to Artizen.

• Burrata ($16) is every cheese lover’s dream. Two fresh, burrata spheres (fresh Italian cow milk cheese made from mozzarella and cream) come on top of toasted bread. The cheese is incredibly creamy and oozes over all the bread when you break the thin outer layer. Every bite is so decadently delicious that it takes you to another world.

• The octopus ($18) — served the tallow poached yukons, salsa verde, aioli and fennel pollen — is as tasty as you will find in Phoenix, or at any of the world’s finest octopus-serving establishments.

And those are just the starters. The main dishes are just as delicious. Some favorites to try:

• The crispy wild salmon ($28) is one of the prettiest dishes you will ever be served. The skin was so perfectly cooked, it adds an amazing texture that lets you experience salmon in en entirely new way.

  The steak and frites ($29) — prime flat iron served with crispy smashed potatoes and chimichurri — is another dish that with delight both your eyes and your tastebuds.

  While every dish is delightful, the first bite of the diver scallops ($32) — pei mussels, sunchokes, Niman bacon, poblano romesco, and soubise — is what will have you planning your next trip to Artizen long before the dessert menu arrives.

Don’t let the hotel sign out front fool you. Even in the trendy Biltmore area that is home to some of the Valley’s most innovative and engaging restaurants, Artizenn stands out from the crowd.

Artizen Crafted American Kitchen & Bar

Location: 2401 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix

Hours: Breakfast 6 a.m.-11 a.m.; lunch 11 a.m.-2 p.m.; dinner 5 p.m.-9 p.m. weekend brunch 10 a.m.-2 p.m.


Phone: 602-522-6655

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