Favorite Tempe late-night pizza place closed its doors in March, after operating for more than 20 years, only to reopen under new ownership on Thursday, April 11 with a new interior make-over and a new name. Slices On Mill is locally-owned and operated by Judy Krause and Nate Cruz, who both worked with the previous owners for almost a decade.

Slices on Mill offers a wide selection of pizza by the slice and whole pies, plus some new menu items and services. They now have an option for a cauliflower crust, make-your-own calzones and they will be adding delivery services.

“Judy and I talked about opening our own pizza place for a few years, so when the opportunity came along it really was fate,” said Cruz.

Cruz started working part-time at Slices Pizza Joint at Tempe Marketplace almost twelve years ago and would fill in at the Mill Avenue location. He was promoted to a manager position and ran operations at Tempe Marketplace. It was during that time he and Krause met, as she worked as the accountant and bookkeeper for the restaurant.

“We make a good team,” explains Krause. “I have helped small business owners with their accounting and finances for more than twenty years, so I am focused on that end of things, while Nate knows the day-to-day.”    

Slices On Mill specializes in east coast-style pizza. The menu includes traditional favorites such as cheese and pepperoni, along with signature specialties like mac and cheese pizza, loaded potato pizza and Old Bay Chicken.

The interior remodel includes new flooring, finishes, tables, chairs, and equipment. They’ve also added new outdoor seating and signage.

“We want ASU students, staff and nearby businesses to know we are open for business and they can come to get their favorite slice, only better,” adds Cruz.

Slices On Mill is located at 11 E 6th St, Tempe and, opens daily at 11 a.m. To learn more and check out the menu, visit slicesonmill.com or visit them on Facebook or Instagram.