Do you find yourself snacking more often at work or at home? Don’t fret, because local restaurants have your back. The restaurant industry is offering a new kind of special: snack options! According to Nation’s Restaurant News, “Nearly half of U.S. consumers snack as an interim “meal” and many people believe it’s an important component of a healthy diet.” That snack trend is showing up at restaurants across the nation; so it should come as no surprise that diners now expect healthy, filling snack options on their favorite restaurants’ menus. It’s time to get with the trend and check out these 5 restaurants to satisfy your snack cravings!

Merkin Vineyards Old Town Scottsdale

Whether it’s the wine, ambiance, or delicious snack options, Merkin Vineyards Old Town Scottsdale is quickly becoming one of Arizona’s favored restaurants. Their “farm to table” commitment has made the restaurant, and their menu, stand out from the crowd. All of the fruit and vegetable small plates on the menu have been farmed exclusively in Arizona at their Verde Valley greenhouses, gardens, and orchards. An example being their spicy vindaloo cauliflower, pictured above. Food can’t get fresher than that!

Postino Wine Cafe

This snacking trend has gotten so popular that even Postino Wine Cafe, a restaurant known for their insanely good wine and bruschetta, has a section of their menu titled “Snacky Things.” Under this section the restaurant lists dishes such as their crispy cauliflower, tuna tartare, mozzarella & tomatoes, and many more healthy options. Bring your friends here during your next lunch break, and try some of these snacky delights.


A new restaurant located in Scottsdale is already making quite a name for itself. PNPK was named the Best Happy Hour in 2018 by the Phoenix New Times, due to their amazing deals and delicious small plates. The restaurant offers many healthy shareable options such as broccoli salad, roasted grapes, and varieties of bruschetta. Make sure to pop in to get incredible happy hour specials as well as some delicious snacks.

Flower Child

With the motto “Healthy Food For a Happy World,” Flower Child is clearly the place to be if you are searching for a clean meal or snack. The company strives on making everything from scratch, and using fresh ingredients to serve each customer food that is not only healthy, but makes them happy. Some of their featured items are: tomato toast, avocado hummus, organic kale, and grilled asparagus to name a few. So if you are on a mission for health conscious and satisfying food, then look no further than your nearest Flower Child location.

True Food Kitchen

“Better food means Better Living.” True Food is another restaurant with a motto that leaves you feeling good. Their starters include: seared chicken satay, kale guacamole, edamame dumplings, charred cauliflower, and more! Gather with friends, and make sure you try out some of True Food’s enjoyable and nutritious options.

Merkin Vineyards’ spicy vindaloo cauliflower.