Already sick of throwing back glassfuls of margarita mix at your pool parties this summer? Keep cool (and fresh) with three of our favorite three-digit-temperature-approved cocktails for this week’s Thirsty Thursday feature.

Alcoholic Otter Pops

As a kid, there was nothing more refreshing than grabbing an ice, cold Otter Pop to cool off after a long day of playing outside. It seemed as though no summer would be complete without indulging on boxes and boxes of the popular pops. Otter Pops are no longer a childhood memory. This thirsty Thursday recipe will put a twist on these beloved treats and make you reach for a case next time you hit up the grocery store.

Start with an unfrozen Otter Pop (or Fla-Vor-Ice). Use a syringe to make a hole at top and then drain some of the fluid. Using the syringe, inject vodka into the pop.  Cover the hole with duct tape. Make sure to thoroughly shake the Otter Pop to avoid the treat freezing unevenly. Finally toss your concoction into the freezer and leave it overnight. Just cut off the tops to each frozen treat and enjoy your delicious alcoholic popsicles!

Guinness Beer Float

Root beer floats were the closest thing you ever got to consuming anything with the word “beer” in it as a kid. And as an adult, you know nothing beats a great beer or a delectable scoop of your favorite ice cream. Now you can have both! Root Beer floats are growing up with this recipe on how to create an adult version of this deliciously, sweet treat.

Start off by running a mug under cold water (inside and out) then place it into the freezer. Let it sit in the freezer until it becomes frosty. Once you have your frosty mug, scoop two large scoops of your favorite ice cream, whether vanilla, chocolate, coffee or caramel. Grab a cold bottle of Guinness stout. Slowly pour it over the ice cream, it’ll run over quickly if poured too fast. Add whip cream, sprinkles or chocolate shavings to top it off.

Fizzy Sorbet Cocktail

The tanginess and sweet, fruity taste of sorbet make this an undeniably great way to cool off, but this cocktail will make you forget about simply indulging on a scoop of your favorite frozen treat on a scorching hot, Arizona day. How about putting a spin on this frozen treat by mixing it with your favorite sparkling wine or champagne. This fast and simple recipe will have you popping some bubbly before satisfying your craving of this fruity, frozen treat. Once you try it, you’ll wonder why you had not tried it before!

Place martini glass or wine glass in the freezer until it becomes frozen or just very cold. Fill your chilled glass 5 or 6 mini- scoops of assorted sorbets in your favorite flavors, then slowly pour in your favorite champagne or sparkling wine. And there you have it, a fizzy sorbet cocktail!