Looking to take your Halloween drinks to the next level? Tilted Kilt is serving up their own Halloween Bomber—affectionately named Witch’s Eye. Take a lesson from the experts with the directions below. Don’t feel like making your own cauldron of goodness? Visit any Tilted Kilt during Halloween to enjoy your own Witch’s Eye!

¾ ounce      Crown Royal Regal Apple
¼ ounce      Monin Stone Fruit
3 ½ ounce   Hard Cider
3 ½ ounce   Guinness
1                   Cherry

Pour Crown Royal Regal Apple and Monin stone fruit in to the shot glass. Place cherry in shot glass. Pour the hard cider into a 14 ounce pint glass. Carefully drop the shot glass into the 14 ounce pint glass and top with Guinness.