As we navigate through professional journeys, it’s crucial to prioritize not just our careers, but also our personal well-being. With this in mind, CoworkingCafe published an updated ranking of the best U.S. cities for work/life balance and mental health in 2024

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Same as last year, we evaluated how much people work, the accessibility of free-time venues and healthcare, and the abundance of green spaces and air quality. Additionally, we considered incomes and their buying power, along with commute times and the adoption of remote work

Scottsdale made the top 20 for the second year in a row, despite sliding back eight places to #20. In terms of metrics, here are a few highlights:

  • Work culture in Scottsdale saw a slight shift towards telecommuting, with the share of remote workers reaching 26% – up from 22% in last year’s study – ranking 2nd, right after Arlington, VA, and Seattle, WA, both registering a 27% rate;
  • In terms of mental health metrics, Scottsdale performed great with 128.4 acres of green spaces per 1,000 residents (ranking #3) and 94.7% health insurance coverage (ranking #10);
  • The median income in the area is the ninth-highest in our analysis at $104,197 per year – ranking second only to Gilbert at the state level, which registered $115,179 per year;
  • Nationally, the Twin Cities took the first two places with Minneapolis, MN taking the crown once again by ranking consistently strong across the board.

Check out what makes these cities conducive to achieving work/life balance:

Top 20 Cities for Work/Life Balance & Mental Health in 2024